WWE Hall of Famer Sting says "bye bye" to major promotion; retirement imminent?

Former WWE Superstar Sting is a multi-time world champion
Former WWE Superstar Sting is a multi-time world champion

WWE Hall of Famer Sting has had a significant career in the pro wrestling industry for over 30 years. He recently hinted at retirement following his match at the Great Muta Final ‘Bye Bye’ event for Pro Wrestling NOAH.

At the event on January 22nd, Sting and Darby Allin teamed up with the legendary Great Muta, also known as Keiji Muto, to defeat a rival team composed of Akira, Hakushi, and Naomichi Marufuji. The show was significant as it was one of the final performances on Muta's retirement tour.

During the post-match interview, the WWE Hall of Famer suggested that he may have just competed for the last time in Japan. He has not made a definite decision yet, but the match he just had in Japan could have been his last one.

“Yeah, maybe ‘bye bye’ for Sting in Japan. I don’t know, we’ll see,” said Sting. (H/T - WrestleTalk)
🦂 Sting says maybe this is bye bye Japan for him! Great Muta urged him to return! #noah_ghc #byebyeMUTA

Sting might have said goodbye to wrestling in Japan, but nothing is certain at this point. After Sting's statement, Muta said that The Icon should return to Japan and argued that he still has a lot of good wrestling left in him.

Retirement plans of the former WWE Superstar revealed

WWE Hall of Famer Sting recently stated that his contract with AEW will end this year and he intends to retire from professional wrestling.

Speaking with D Magazine, Sting made clear his intent to retire from the squared circle once his run with AEW wraps up. However, he did not give an exact date for the contract's expiration.

"His deal with AEW expires sometime this year; he won’t say exactly when. When it ends, so will his time behind the face paint," stated the article.

Sting made his debut on AEW Dynamite in December 2020 and has been a key figure on the show. His presence and contributions have been significant, especially in elevating his tag team partner and protege, Darby Allin.

The WCW legend has mentioned that his final act before retirement will involve Darby somehow, but as of now, it's not clear what the two have cooked up. But in the immortal words of The Icon himself: "The only thing that's for sure about Sting is nothing's for sure."

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