WWE legend on if Adam Cole will get "washed out" in AEW

Adam Cole reuniting with The Young Bucks!
Adam Cole reuniting with The Young Bucks!
Sidharth Sachdeva

Booker T believes Adam Cole will become a great soldier for AEW.

Speaking on his podcast, the Hall of Fame, Booker T discussed numerous topics, and he shared his thoughts on what Adam Cole brings to the table for AEW. The WWE Hall of Famer believes Cole will be a wonderful asset, and he will not get "washed out" now that he has a new home.

Booker T further heaped praise on AEW by comparing their approach to WWF/WWE in the 1990s in the way the company tries to make every wrestler a star.

"A guy like Adam Cole, he'll be a great teammate, he'll be a great soldier on anybody's team," said Booker T. "I don't think he's gonna get washed out, I think, the way AEW worked their talent, I think they're trying to make everybody on the roster a star. I think that's what the best has always been in the past."
"Every wrestler in the 90s in WWF or WWE came out of the curtain, they were a star," Booker T continued. "They brought somebody's a** in a seat in that arena, so that's what I think AEW is trying to do is have all of their stars create, you know, as far as reaching to their fan base only. We get them under one roof, at one time, and we all have a big party. That's why I see AEW. I could be wrong."

Overall, AEW President Tony Khan has set a new standard by providing opportunities to practically every star on his roster.

Some have argued that the debuts of multiple former WWE Superstars in CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and Cole might steal the spotlight from AEW's homegrown stars. But AEW clearly intends to blend its roster with well-established names, which would eventually help the younger wrestlers in the long run.

Adam Cole will make his AEW in-ring debut next week

Next week, Adam Cole will compete in an AEW ring for the first time when he faces Frankie Kazarian. It will be a fresh match-up, and fans can expect a stellar contest from both of these men.

The former NXT Superstar was officially introduced as the newest member of The Elite this week. Adam Cole even put Tony Schiavone on notice by telling the legend to stay away from his girlfriend, Dr. Britt Baker.

Cole made an impressive debut, and it remains to be seen how the company will build his character moving forward.

What's your take on Booker T's comments about AEW? Sound off in the comments section below.

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