Update on former WWE manager Ricardo Rodriguez's appearance at recent AEW tapings (Exclusive)

Ricardo Rodriguez is not part of the AEW Spanish commentary team yet
Ricardo Rodriguez is not part of the AEW Spanish commentary team yet

The most-recent AEW tapings featured former WWE manager and wrestler Ricardo Rodriguez working as part of the Spanish commentary team.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider first reported the news:

"Former WWE personality Jesus "Ricardo" Rodriguez was at last night's AEW taping in Boston, working on the Spanish Announcing team," wrote Johnson.

Sportskeeda Wrestling has learned that Ricardo Rodriguez's AEW appearance was just a tryout. He is not officially a member of the roster yet. That being said, our sources indicate that the tryout went well, and that things look positive for Rodriguez.

Rodriguez used his real name, Jesus Rodriguez behind the desk because WWE owns the Ricardo Rodriguez gimmick. Alex Abrahantes and Alvaro Riojas were also part of the AEW Spanish commentary desk for this set of tapings.

Ricardo Rodriguez's journey- from WWE to India to the AEW commentary desk

Ricardo Rodriguez is best known for being Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer during his illustrious WWE stint. But some fans might be surprised to learn that he's also a wrestling trainer; he was instrumental in setting up The Great Khali's academy in India.

In a special interview with Sportskeeda, Rodriguez expressed his desire to return to WWE or start new with AEW:

"Of course, of course, I'd love to go to WWE or I'd love to go to AEW," said Rodriguez. "I have a lot of friends in AEW. I have a lot of students in AEW and WWE. So, either one. It would be nice to be reunited with those people."

All the very best to Ricardo Rodriguez; he's supremely eloquent in both English and Spanish, so he would be an ideal fit for this gig. We at Sportskeeda Wrestling hope that he becomes a permanent fixture behind the AEW Spanish commentary table very soon.

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