WWE veteran reacts to Roman Reigns' comments about CM Punk

Roman Reigns faced John Cena at SummerSlam
Roman Reigns faced John Cena at SummerSlam

In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns commented on CM Punk, saying he didn't move the needle at the same level as John Cena and The Rock.

The comments caused some controversy on social media with fans defending Punk's ability to draw, although Punk's raucous AEW debut has certainly shown that he's still one of the biggest names in modern pro wrestling.

Wrestling legend and veteran manager Jim Cornette briefly addressed Roman Reigns' comments on his podcast, the Jim Cornette Experience, and did not find much wrong with Reigns' comments, adding that he felt Reigns was just "working" and saying what he had to, ahead of his match against Cena at SummerSlam (which took place last night):

The tweet that was tweeted out was basically just Roman Reigns saying these statements are coming from people who thought they were better than they were, CM Punk wasn't as good and as over as John Cena and he didn't move the needle like The Rock, that was the quote in the tweet. He wasn't just asked about which flavour of ice cream he likes and started in on Cena or started in on CM Punk, the name was mentioned. I don't think it's inflamatory for anybody to say well he didn't move the needle like The Rock because who ****ing did, except for [Steve] Austin. And, I think he has got to say that CM Punk wasn't as good or as over as John Cena because John Cena is the guy he's wrestling at SummerSlam.
It was a response to a question and he's working. He's working to hype his match at SummerSlam while at the same time trying not to, as they say, insult anybody's intelligence but he doesn't want to talk about wrestling being a work either so he talks about the fight he's made to keep his spot etc and he doesn't need to come and go like these other guys.


CM Punk's in-ring AEW debut is set for All Out

Following CM Punk's debut on AEW Rampage, we learned the identity of the Second City Saint's first opponent in All Elite Wrestling - Darby Allin.

Punk called out Allin, who was up in the rafters with Sting, telling him that he knew Allin loved danger, saying that there was nothing more dangerous in pro wrestling than facing him in his hometown of Chicago.

Darby Allin vs CM Punk is set for All Out on September 5th, from the NOW Arena in Chicago.

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