Former WWE Superstars allegedly omitted from AEW: Fight Forever video game which will feature multiple gaming modes

AEW Fight Forever is likely to be released in December
AEW Fight Forever is likely to be released in December

New details have emerged regarding Yukes and THQ Nordic's upcoming game AEW: Fight Forever.

The game, which was announced in November 2020, is most likely to be released for PlayStations 4 & 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. As of now, the release date is reportedly set for later this year. However there has been no confirmation.

According to the latest reports from Fightful Select, the game is set to feature many different modes, with three mini-games already shown off in a recent gameplay video. The fourth one will revolve around The King of Sloth Style, Orange Cassidy.

The story/career mode for the game was reportedly "much different than anything before it" and will be unique from other wrestling games released before.

The report also suggested that some of the talents who joined the AEW roster earlier this year will not be included in the upcoming version. Swerve Strickland, Keith Lee, and Athena could be among the names who will be missing out.

Amazon UK has listed AEW Fight Forever for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC, distributed by THQ Nordic:…Placeholder release date is December 31, 2022.See image for product description.Gematsu page:…@AEWGames

THQ Nordic has been going all out in making the AEW: Fight Forever game perfect

Fightful mentioned that nobody in the promotion was aware of what the cover was going to look like until it leaked one day before the actual date of disclosure. The cover athletes had no idea that they were going to be featured. The reason is that THQ Nordic designed the cover art, not AEW.

The report also suggested that THQ Nordic has gone all out in making the game perfect and is currently working on additions and bug fixes. It is also being reported that more will be revealed about the game next month in Japan.

Internally, the game's release date has been played around with. Kenny Omega had previously stated that the game will likely be launched in September 2022, but those plans have changed.

@gematsu @IdleSloth84 @AEWGames Yuke's and THQ(Nordic) reuniting after nearly a decade of being apart

There has been a lot of craze about the game on social media platforms since it was announced. It remains to be seen how fans will react to the game once it eventually releases.

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