Potential rumor killer on retired WWE legend leaving AEW to make blockbuster return under Triple H's regime

Will Triple H see the return of a former WWE star soon?
Will Triple H bring former WWE Champion back?

While fans may like nothing more than a reunion between Triple H and William Regal in WWE, recent reports suggest that the latter is not going to be leaving AEW anytime soon.

William Regal pulled off a wildly unexpected move at the Full Gear pay-per-view last week. During the much anticipated battle between Jon Moxley and MJF, he pulled out his brass knuckles and passed them to the challenger. This ensured that the Salt of the Earth got a cheap shot at the Champion, which led to him bagging the first World Championship title of his career.

On the latest edition of Dynamite, Jon Moxley addressed the betrayal live, commanding Regal to leave and "never look back." The veteran was seen retreating into the entrance tunnel without a word.

This led to rumors of Regal supposedly leaving AEW for good, enveloped in a storyline. However, a recent report from Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Radio has claimed otherwise.

"Alvarez shot down the rumor that William Regal is leaving AEW to go back to WWE. Speculation spread about Regal’s future after Jon Moxley told Regal to leave and never come back on Dynamite. Alvarez stated that Regal is “gonna be back” and “this was not him leaving AEW.” (H/T:Cagesideseats)
William Regal managing MJF as a heel is going to be amazing. #AEWFullGear

It remains to be seen when Regal will be back in action next.

The WWE veteran's betrayal elicited a strong reaction from AEW star Mark Henry

While William Regal's turn against Jon Moxley has shaken the wrestling world, Mark Henry believes it was a masterful move.

Speaking about the incident on the latest episode of the Busted Open podcast, Mark Henry stated the following:

"MJF has heat. Steve [William] Regal has heat. And I did not see it coming. That's when it's the best. That's when the heat is like 'oh my god' and it sinks in like 'what a low-down dirty piece of trash.' To sway Regal into joining him... is gonna help him also be the champion that he needs to be." (4:20 - 5:36)
When I tell you this man William Regal is a demon 😂😭 #AEWDynamite

Only time will tell what MJF and William Regal have planned next.

Do you think Jon Moxley should not have let the WWE Legend leave without punishment? Sound off in the comments below!

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