Triple H-led WWE expected to "go hard for almost everyone" ahead of key AEW contract expirations

A number of AEW contracts are reportedly going to expire this year
A number of AEW contracts are reportedly going to expire this year

2023 will reportedly feature both AEW and WWE going after several major superstars after their current contracts expire.

The two biggest pro-wrestling promotions have been locked in a heated battle for popularity over the last few years. Against previous expectations, Tony Khan has managed to build a credible competitor for the Stamford-based company from the ground up. However, recent reports suggest that several key superstars' contracts are due to expire this year.

On the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer speculated that the flurry of contract expirations would lead to efforts from both promotions to sign several stars.

"It’s gonna be a real interesting year for Tony [Khan] because a lot of key deals are gonna be up this year, and WWE’s gonna go hard for almost everyone good and also there’s gonna be WWE deals up as well, and he needs to make the product and the perception of the product look attractive enough to where guys on the other side will go ‘you know what? they’re solid, they’re financially stable, they’re doing good, the schedules easier’ you know what I mean? But right now I don’t think perception of people in WWE is to go there," said Meltzer. [H/T: WrestlePurists]

The AEW World Champion may reportedly not join WWE in the future

While most stars generally don't comment on their future plans, MJF has stated multiple times that he could jump ship to Triple H's roster when the time comes.

The Salt of the Earth's contract with AEW will reportedly expire next year. However, Dave Meltzer recently brought up the possibility of him having secretly extended his All Elite tenure.

"MJF’s situation is a well kept secret, but I’d hope if they are building this much around him that he’s gotten a longer-term deal, but the public version is that his deal is up at the end of this year," added Meltzer. [H/T: WrestlingObserver]

MJF is scheduled to face Bryan Danielson at Revolution on March 5, 2023. It remains to be seen what the future holds for him.

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