The Man Called Sting is a mix of both aura and integrity

In the course of a career that has spanned over 35 years, Sting has always had a special presence
In the course of a career that has spanned over 35 years, Sting has always had a special presence

Sting has worn many faces over the years. He's played different roles in different promotions, and he's always been highly regarded by the wrestling fanbase. His peers all speak highly of him as well.

His accomplishments in the industry are too numerous to list. He's worked for every major promotion that has existed in the last four decades -- WCW, IMPACT, WWE and (now) AEW.

Sting was the face of the franchise for World Championship Wrestling. He was the one icon who eclipsed all the others. Even names as enormous as Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Goldberg never truly replaced Sting as the hood ornament of the promotion. When you say the letters, "W-C-W", the first face that probably pops in your head is that of the painted hero.

It's been no surprise to see the reception that Sting has received since arriving in AEW

At 62 years of age, The Stinger still looks good and has performed well in the limited physicality he's been involved in. Obviously, AEW doesn't expect the veteran to go out and wrestle a 20-minute every single week. But protecting him and saving him for certain events makes any time he springs back into action.

Sting's mentorship of Darby Allin has also provided for an intriguing storyline thus far. In what seems almost like a father-son relationship, Sting has provided a sprinkling of his star power to one of AEW's most-promising young performers.

It makes sense, considering it's just another stage in a career that started out as a multi-colored superhero and ended up hosting a dark, avenging angel.

Sting has evolved a lot over the years. But one thing has never changed: His integrity... as both a performer and a person

Sting's faith is well documented, and he appears to live a clean and calm life. He has reached out to help many of his closest friends during his time in pro wrestling, particularly Lex Luger.

Wrestling is a business where we have seen people throw away their careers - and sometimes their lives -- over alcohol, drugs or sex. They've indulged in too much, or driven too fast or taken chances that they really shouldn't have. And it's tragic every single time it happens.

But even in the midst of that environment, you seldom hear stories like that about Sting. He was never suspended or fired from any company he ever worked for. He never crashed a car and was charged with driving while intoxicated. He was never caught with drugs or any underage girls.

What he did do, however, was show up loyally for his job, entertain the fans and give it his all every night. The audience recognizes that, and it's another part of why they value every appearance he continues to make. Because seeing both the character and the man is extremely special.

Sting has an amazing aura and incredible intensity. But the one thing that has carried him the furthest is his integrity.

What do you think of Sting's long and storied career? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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