5 WWE vs. AEW dream matches that might never happen

Sting vs. Undertaker will remain a dream match for many fans
Sting vs. Undertaker will remain a dream match for many fans
Shubhajit Deb

While performers from WWE and AEW are being shuffled, some are highly unlikely to switch sides. Because of that, it seems improbable that we'll ever get to see a match between these high-profile stars. Fans can only hope that, by some turn of events, these wrestlers get to meet inside the ring.

Here are five matches between AEW and WWE that will probably never happen.

#5. WWE's Roman Reigns vs. AEW's Kenny Omega

@WWERomanReigns the bad thing is you're not above on this guy, not even close. I don't care what anybody says but that's the truth.

Roman Reigns has come a long way from when he debuted as a member of The Shield. The Tribal Chief has the looks, size, and aura that have led to a dominant run in WWE. Currently, Reigns is the biggest star in the wrestling business.

In AEW, Kenny Omega has shown his impressive talent. WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently showered praise on the former AEW World Champion during an episode of his podcast on

Angel referred to Kenny as the most talented superstar that never went to WWE, and complimented him on his incredible talent:

"I mean, his success, what he has had in Japan, and in AEW, phenomenal. I haven't seen a talent like him in a long time. I would say that he is every bit as talented as Rey Mysterio. And he belongs in that upper echelon of talents; one of the greatest workers in the business today."

Roman Reigns vs. Kenny Omega will be a massive event. However, it is unlikely that the two stars so strongly connected to their brands will ever share the ring.

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