5 WWE Superstars mentioned during CM Punk-MJF segment on AEW Dynamite

Triple H-Stephanie McMahon (left) and MJF-CM Punk (right)
Triple H-Stephanie McMahon (left) and MJF-CM Punk (right)

AEW grabbed massive headlines last night when CM Punk and MJF exchanged in a heated war of words during the Thanksgiving Eve edition of Dynamite. The moment both men laid hold of the mic, Chicago fans knew they would be in for a treat.

However, very few anticipated that Mr. Friedman and Punk would go off track to cut a memorable promo. It felt ordinary when both men started digging into each other's past to humiliate each other. But the entire complexion of the segment took a turnaround when Punk and MJF name-dropped not one but five current WWE employees.

That opening segment was crazy. It's always electric whenever CM Punk and MJF are in the same ring. What a promo.#AEWDynamite

It added an extra layer of intensity to their verbal confrontation, leaving fans in bated breath and generating wild reactions. Given what transpired during the segment, it is safe to assume that MJF and CM Punk produced arguably the best promo time of the decade that lasted for 20 minutes.

Now, without further ado, let's take a deep look at the five WWE names name-dropped during the segment between MJF and CM Punk.

#5 AEW's MJF says CM Punk 'didn't want none' - a reference to former WWE Champion AJ Styles

Do y’all Consider Aj Styles as one of the GOATS

During the back and forth exchange of words, MJF expressed frustration towards CM Punk for not mentioning his name in interviews and podcasts while opening up about his dream list of opponents in AEW.

Mr. Friedman quoted that The Straight Edge Superstar 'didn't want none.' For those who don't know, The Pinnacle leader used AJ Styles' theme song lyrics, which go by the name 'they don't want none.'

It was an indirect shot at Punk, and to some extent, the AEW universe didn't even realize that MJF referred it to AJ Styles.

#4 AEW's CM Punk compared MJF to the WWE star Miz

"He's just a less famous Miz." - CM Punk to MJF 😨WE GOING THERE.(via @AEW)

MJF ruled with the mic during the initial moments of the segment. However, AEW star CM Punk was the first to explicitly mention the WWE star's name. The Straight Edge superstar downplayed MJF, who claims to be a revolutionary in pro wrestling. Instead, Punk thinks that The Pinnacle leader is a 'less famous Miz.'

Although it would be unfair to compare The Salt of the Earth with Miz, given the latter's list of accomplishments. Both men portray the same persona on television.

Like Missionary Mike, AEW star Mr. Friedman tends to run away from his opponents. Not only that, both men have similar minds when it comes to cutting top-notch promos on their opponents.

#3 AEW's MJF believes CM Punk's new version is about preaching Hustle, Loyalty, Respect - a reference to John Cena

"You might as well be out here preaching Hustle, Loyalty, Respect" - MJFGuys stop, i can't keep up πŸ˜‚This segment is absolutely amazing.#AEWDynamite

CM Punk's name-dropping Miz didn't sit well with MJF, as the latter fired back by saying that The Second City Saint is no longer the same person he once knew and that he has become 'PG Punk.' The situation escalated when Mr. Friedman stated that CM Punk must be preaching Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect - a reference to John Cena.

The 16-time WWE Champion has embraced Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect as his three ethics, which have defined his legacy in pro wrestling.

#2 AEW star MJF called CM Punk a second-best to John Cena and Triple H


One of the most notable references came out of AEW star MJF's mouth. He stated that despite years of hard work, CM Punk would always be second best. Whether it was the 'You can't see me man' or 'the King of Kings,' he wasn't up to their snuff.

The Salt of the Earth turned the clock back to talk about Punk's rivalry with John Cena and Triple H. Many considered this a downfall as The Straight Edge Superstar lost crucial matches against both men. It's worth recalling that Punk missed out on an opportunity to headline WrestleMania with The Rock, given that he came up short against the Cenation leader.

Meanwhile, fans have often criticized WWE management for letting Triple H defeat CM Punk during their rivalry in 2011.

#1 AEW's CM Punk hit the final nail in the coffin

"The only time you will be number one is if Tony Khan has a daughter and you marry her." - CM Punk to MJF#AEWDynamite

While MJF ruled the segment majority of the time, CM Punk put the final nail in the coffin. The Second City Saint doesn't think Mr. Friedman is the number one wrestler in AEW.

However, Punk suggested that the only way he could claim that spot is if he waits a little longer for Tony Khan to have a daughter, and MJF marries her.

The Straight Edge superstar took a direct shot at Triple H, who everyone knows is married to Vince McMahon's daughter, Stephanie McMahon. Many people still say that The Hunter got everything handed in WWE because of his wife. Whether or not this is true, CM Punk killed two birds with one stone. He not only mocked Triple H and Stephanie but also humiliated MJF to end the segment.

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