What comments did Brian Kendrick make due to which he was pulled from AEW debut at Dynamite?

Brian Kendrick's past comments hindered his All Elite debut this week.
Brian Kendrick's past comments hindered his All Elite debut this week.

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Brian Kendrick was scheduled to make his AEW in-ring debut against Jon Moxley on Dynamite this week. But the plan fell through mere hours before the show.

Reports surfaced that Kendrick had made controversial comments regarding the Holocaust amid other conspiracy theories, enraging many wrestling fans on social media.

As a result of the controversy, Tony Khan announced that he had pulled Brian Kendrick from the card. Wheeler Yuta replaced him against Moxley. But what exactly did Kendrick say?

I knew Brian Kendrick was into conspiracy theory nonsense, but until it got brought up last night, I had no idea that, at least as of late 2013, he had drifted all the way into Holocaust denial?!?!?…

In outlandish claims, Kendrick had undermined the impact of the Holocaust, questioning the validity behind concentration camps and proclaiming that the death numbers had been exaggerated.

As the day progressed, more was revealed as the history behind Kendrick's beliefs. He had believed in a variety of conspiracy theories ranging from "reptilians" to that the "sun isn't really hot."

Alt. theory for why nobody brought up the Kendrick antisemitism videos before last night: Someone Googled him, found his & Paul London's TVTropes page, & saw it mentioned Brian’s belief in “reptilian” conspiracy theories. That’s a MUCH bigger red flag now.…

Brian Kendrick has since posted an apology on social media, declaring that these are not and never have been his beliefs. He further described his past comments as "vile" and said he would regret them for the rest of his life.

What's next for Brian Kendrick after his canceled AEW debut?

The future looks uncertain for Brian Kendrick as of now. His words and ideologies sparked controversy on the ethics of working with him, and as a consequence, it may take some time for the dust to settle.

I apologize for all the hurt and embarassment I have caused with my words. These are not my beliefs and never were beliefs of mine, and I crossed the line.

Kendrick was released from WWE on February 1 after he requested the same. His comments were seemingly unearthed during the buzz surrounding his name as the latest WWE departure to make his AEW debut.

In his statement, Tony Khan said that AEW is gathering more info surrounding the events, so his debut might not be entirely off the table. However, due to the words' severity, the future is looking gloomy for the former 205 Live competitor.

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