Alcohol in Among Us, does it have a place?

(Image via Innersloth) Welcome to Among Us, please drink responsibly
(Image via Innersloth) Welcome to Among Us, please drink responsibly

There has been an ongoing trend in the Among Us streaming community to stream the game while drinking a preferred alcoholic beverage.

While each player is responsible for deciding how they want to play Among Us, and conducting themselves appropriately regardless of their levels of intoxication, it’s an interesting trend that isn’t unique to streamers.

Among Us isn’t an especially difficult game - something which makes it all the more inviting to play intoxicated. But, there is still more to be considered than simply which drink to choose.

Is drunk Among Us right for each individual player?

One thing which absolutely must be stated is that alcohol is a drug like any other, it has addictive qualities, it can be harmful, and it’s not right for everyone to use.

Additionally, each person is responsible for following the laws of their respective locations regarding age limitations on alcohol, and nobody should attempt to add a criminal element to their Among Us session.

Naturally, anyone who is not of legal drinking age in their country should therefore simply not attempt to play drunk Among Us. There will almost certainly be other games to drink to in the years to come anyway.

Beyond the legality issues, there are other reasons individuals might choose temperance. Namely, anyone who has had past issues with alcohol, who isn’t comfortable drinking, or who simply doesn’t want to, should never feel pressured into partaking in any drug by their peers.

Special considerations for the intoxicated Among Us

It’s fair to say that alcohol will affect Among Us more than it might another game. Among Us relies heavily on social interactions, something which alcohol is quite famous for having an outsized effect on. Namely, players will find it easier to shout and accuse one another over small things, while simultaneously finding it more difficult to focus on the game as a whole.

At a certain point, players may even have a harder time completing tasks or communicating their ideas clearly to the group. Overall this is all part of the experience, though playgroups should be careful to have limiting factors which ensure that everyone is being safe.

These various effects technically make it more difficult for the crew to coordinate and compete with the imposters, but a drunk imposter is simultaneously more likely to slip up during discussions, or more likely to go for risky kills.

Overall, this means that alcohol shouldn’t imbalance the game too much, though players may consider increasing discussion time nonetheless.

Why Among Us lends itself surprisingly well to alcohol

Gaming is a unique hobby, in that players have considerable freedom in terms of how they want to play. It would be hard to imagine a drunken game of football as the physical exertion and potential for injury would become ever more significant as players got more inebriated.

For games like Among Us, however, it’s quite possible to drink (even to excess) while still being at least somewhat capable of playing the game. This at least allows for drunken Among Us to exist, but also means that players could overindulge in drink without realizing it. This is why safety is paramount, and all players involved should be able to drink responsibly.

Finally, it bears repeating that nobody should feel bad for sitting out of a game for want of temperance.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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