Corpse Husband asking Sykkuno to play drunk Among Us shows how to avoid peer pressure

Among Us continues to be popular among streamers heading into 2021 (Image via Sea65092 @ Pinterest)
Among Us continues to be popular among streamers heading into 2021 (Image via Sea65092 @ Pinterest)

Corpse Husband asked Thomas “Sykkuno” if he would be willing to drunkenly stream Among Us in a way that should become a perfect example of how to avoid pressuring friends into things they don’t want to do.

While anyone who has been through a middle school health class likely remembers the various silly videos or games played to warn students of the dangers of peer pressure, it’s refreshing to see how healthy friendships manage to take some of those silly lessons to heart.

Peer pressure is something everyone has to learn to deal with, whether on the receiving end or as the source of said pressure.

Why play drunken Among Us?

It’s clear that this particular group of friends have been finding new and interesting ways to use Among Us to make content, and a drunken stream doesn’t seem that farfetched. What’s important here is that Corpse could pitch the idea without coercing his friends to join in.

When the 23-year-old requested Sykkuno, he specified that the latter should decline if the thought of drinking on stream was something he wasn’t actively interested in.

Sykkuno even went so far as to say he would do it if everyone else would, which Corpse Husband was careful to point out wasn’t a good enough reason to join in and that Sykkuno shouldn’t join just because his other friends would be there.

During the brief clip, another streamer, Seán William “Spedicey” McLoughlin, even jokingly told Corpse to “stick to your peer pressure,” but he ignored this advice.

While it’s likely much of this interaction was at least somewhat played up for the stream, it’s still a great example of how to ask friends to join in on something while making sure that they aren’t just doing it to be part of the group.

This is especially important with things like drinking or similar activities. Friends should always feel like they have the option to say no.

What will drunk Among Us look like?

At the moment, Corpse Husband has managed to wrangle up a handful of streamers to play drunk Among Us. It is set to start today at 2:00 PM PT (5:00 PM ET) and should feature Corpse, Sykkuno, Valkyrae, Jacksepticeyee, and a few more familiar faces.

These details may not be exact, and it’s possible that there could be delays or changes in who chooses to show up. Nonetheless, it should be enjoyable and fun for both streamers and fans alike. They can check the Among Us stream out later today on Twitch and YouTube.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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