Among Us: Community creates “Hide and Seek” game mode

(Image Credit: Innersloth)
(Image Credit: Innersloth)

Among Us is being played by millions of players, many using their own custom rules and variants to help tune the game to their specific playgroup. Usually that just means changing the movement speed or number of tasks, but some Among Us players have created an entirely new game mode for players to enjoy.

How to play Hide and Seek in Among Us

First, in order to play Hide and Seek you will almost certainly need a fully cooperative playgroup, as the game mode can’t be enforced through the rules of the game. If you were to attempt to play Hide and Seek in a public lobby, some players may not agree to go along with it, and that could ultimately ruin the experience. As a result, I will talk about how to play, and put the in-game rules at the bottom.

Second, for Among Us Hide and Seek to work there has to be a single imposter, and they need to announce that they’re the imposter at the very start. This is most easily done over a voice chat like Discord, but can also be done by simply calling an emergency meeting at the start to make the announcement.

Once the imposter has announced who they are, they will wait at the start and count to a predetermined number, usually between 10 and 30, optionally announce “ready or not, here I come,” sabotage the lights, and then begin seeking out the crew.

Throughout the game, crew members can not report the bodies and should not attempt to complete tasks (though in some versions, the crew can in fact do tasks), can’t repair the lights, and can’t call emergency meetings.

Among Us Hide and Seek isn’t about discovering the imposter, it’s about being the best at hiding. The game goes until only a single crew member remains, when the game stops and says that the imposter wins. Regardless of what the game says, however, the real winner was the last surviving crew.

Among Us Hide and Seek in-game rules

To facilitate the Hide and Seek experience in Among Us, rule sets have been devised which make the hiding and seeking part of the game more enjoyable. Here is a common base rule set to begin with:

  • Impostors: 1
  • Emergency Meeting: 1
  • Player Speed: 1.0x
  • Crewmate Vision: 0.25x
  • Impostor Vision: 0.25x
  • Kill Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • Kill Distance: Short
  • Common Tasks: 0
  • Long Tasks: 0
  • Short Tasks: 4

Variations on this rule set usually change to the following:

  • Player speed: 1.5x
  • Crewmate Vision: 5x
  • Imposter Vision: 0.5x

However it shouldn’t be too difficult to adjust the numbers until you find a range comfortable for you and your Among Us playgroup. In general, the imposter has very low vision, while the crew can have high or low vision. The tasks can be incorporated at many different rates, with common tasks being interesting as it gives the imposter a location where all crew must eventually go.

There are some variations on kill cooldowns, but I would recommend it be as low as possible. The imposter should be able to kill all crew they find, not just one every so often.

Other rules include whether or not the imposter can use vents or not, something that your playgroup should decide as a group.

And that’s it. Among Us Hide and Seek is an interesting idea and a curious way to play the game. If the community game mode catches on, it might even be possible to implement into the core game. Currently, because the imposter is random it can be hard for groups to evenly divide who gets to hide and who gets to seek.

Nevertheless, if you’re interested, you and your playgroup should give it a shot.

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