Among Us: Developers discuss changes to what ghosts can do

(Image Credit: PCGamesN)
(Image Credit: PCGamesN)
Modified 06 Oct 2020

Getting killed in Among Us can make an otherwise fun game rather dull. With so little to do, most dead players leave the game rather than wait around for the next round. This has happened enough that Innersloth has decided to take a shot at addressing it.

Among Us: Dying and being dead

The goal of both imposter and crew in Among Us is first and foremost to stay alive. However, the game only advances when players begin to die, making dying a vital part of moving the game forward. Nevertheless, if you should die in Among Us, your game changes almost entirely. If you’re playing with your friends, you might listen in on Discord, but otherwise there isn’t much left for you to do.

As a crew member, you’re even asked to fulfil your obligations while dead. The common joke being that just because you’re dead doesn’t mean that you don’t still have a job to do. Dead imposters in Among Us do have the ability to influence the game still, however, as they can call in sabotages to aid their fellow impostor friends.

But in public games, players overwhelmingly choose to leave their games once dead and move on to a different play group. This makes sense if you consider that dying can mean that you have little else to do, and join a new game quicker than you can wait to complete your current one.

Among Us: Ideas floating at Innersloth

During a recent Twitch stream interview where the developers discussed which aspects of the game they wanted to address, a few ideas were floated about what could be done to make being a ghost more fun. One idea suggested was that they could allow the ghosts to function as guardian angels protecting the other crew somehow. 

Innersloth admitted that anything like that would need to be carefully implemented, however, as the ghosts likely know who the impostors are, and any way they can influence the map would allow them to “communicate” with the still living crew.

Other ideas were that the ghosts might be able to influence only the imposters, perhaps by blocking their kills. It would be interesting if the dead crew had the ability to haunt an imposter by locking them in the vents, or give the imposters distractions of their own to deal with.

Still, implementing these kinds of features will be a difficult challenge. Anything which doesn’t impact the game is meaningless and could be considered simply another mini-game, while anything that does impact the game could be detrimental to the experience.

If you have any ideas for what ghosts could do in Among Us, you might want to make them known and tell the Innersloth developers over on Twitter.

Published 06 Oct 2020
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