Does the comms sabotage need a buff in Among Us?

(Image Credit: Innersloth)
(Image Credit: Innersloth)

When it comes to sabotages in Among Us, communications is definitely the least used one.

While sabotaging lights or doors limits what the crew can do, and sabotaging O2 or reactors can potentially win the game for imposters, communications only ever seems to be a mild annoyance rather than a real problem. Are there any situations in Among Us where it’s useful to sabotage communications?

What exactly does a comms sabotage even do in Among Us?

Sabotaging communications in Among Us removes the crew’s ability to locate their task locations on the map, and removes the guiding arrows that help crewmates find them. However, this doesn’t actually stop the crew in Among Us from completing their tasks, so long as they can remember where to actually go for them.

But this isn’t the main reason to call a communications sabotage in Among Us. Although newer players might be confused by it, more experienced players will either continue to do their tasks or fix the sabotage on their own time.

However, sabotaging communications also disables the security features available on the maps as well, which may actually be the more important part of it. Once the sabotage is called, it will disable the admin map, security cameras, vitals monitor, and door logs, as well as clearing the door log’s history.

While this might seem like an added bonus, it can actually be vitally important when playing with certain playgroups.

Experienced Among Us players may know a lot about how to use security features

For those with only a few hours on Among Us, it can come as a surprise to find out just how much each map’s security features actually helps. For example, the admin map shows when players are in certain rooms, whether they’re in a vent or not. This can occasionally make it easy to detect players who are venting around just by observing the admin table.

A communication’s sabotage can negate this tool, however, and make it so that imposters can vent around the map with relative ease. Similarly, on maps like Polus or The Skeld where cameras are more of a threat, calling a communications sabotage can let imposters score a kill regardless of whether or not someone is on cameras.

Is this enough to justify a communications sabotage in Among Us?

When being entirely analytical, there are very few situations where a communications sabotage is good enough. Sabotaging lights in Among Us cuts off vision more impactfully, while sabotaging O2 or reactors can get someone off the admin table or cameras as well.

Communications sabotage could potentially be combined with another sabotage to make the feature more useful, but as it stands, it offers very little to the imposters in Among Us.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod