How to become a successful Among Us content creator

(Image Credit: Innersloth)
(Image Credit: Innersloth)

Among Us has spurred a massive influx of content creators and streamers into the game, and even though it seemed like almost anyone could find success, they now have to put in a little more work.

Finding success as a content creator for Among Us, as well as most communities, involves finding a niche and being one of the best in that niche. While that might sound restrictive, there are actually a lot of content niches for Among Us for players and fans to join, though not always where one might expect.

Finding a content niche in Among Us

A niche is a specialized area with unique demands that can support just a small number of producers. Because niches are small and specialized, they naturally self sort until ultimately, only the producer or producers who best fulfill that niche are the ones left.

For example, one niche in Among Us content creation is simply playing the game at the highest competitive level. In this regard, DisguisedToast is the biggest name in Among Us content creation. However he is not able to completely fill the niche on his own, and as such requires a playgroup.

Additionally, because DisguisedToast streams through Facebook Gaming instead of the more popular Twitch or YouTube locations, the niche is left open enough that others can coexist simultaneously.

However, eventually, most viewers seeking out the best Among Us players will coalesce around just a few, most of whom will likely be a part of the same playgroup as DisguisedToast.

Other content niches include making and playing in modded games, playing more casually, producing mods, producing fan content, films, stuffed animals, art, and so on, or playing with a unique angle that others can not readily replicate.

For example, the niche of playing Among Us while being a sitting congressperson is extremely limited. This basically only supports Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who, if she wished, could easily moonlight as an Among Us streamer so long as she continued to hold a seat in congress.

Being the best in a specific Among Us niche

If enough Among Us content is produced in a niche that all available viewers are fully accounted for, then eventually those viewers will collect around whosoever best fulfills that niche. This is a natural process that effectively filters out those less suited to a specific niche.

After a niche has been filled, the only way for new content creators to break into the niche is for the number of potential viewers to grow, or for them to push out other creators.

This is why content creators often find more success by branching into new, less fulfilled niches, rather than trying to muscle their way into an established niche. However, any niche that becomes popular enough will eventually result in creator competition, and it is at this point that "survival of the fittest" begins to apply.

Being the best involves a number of different traits, including creativity, personality, engagement, quantity and quality, and so on.

There isn’t one surefire formula for finding success. It will all depend on which niche is being targeted, the potential audience for that niche, the competition from other creators, and how well that niche is currently being served.

Regardless, any Among Us content creators who are not satisfied with their own success, whether as a streamer, video maker, plushie sewer, or anything else, should see how competitive their niche is, and what they can do to stand out in the sea of other content creators.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod