Among Us releases new Hide n Seek mode: How to play, full patch notes, and more

Among Us Hide n Seek mode (Image via InnerSloth)
Among Us Hide n Seek mode (Image via InnerSloth)

At the Game Awards 2022, Among Us surprised fans by announcing a new mode called Hide n Seek, which was set to release the very next day.

The trailer established that the game would switch its genre in the upcoming mode from murder mystery, where Crewmates investigate and find out who the Impostor is, to survival horror, where they have to finish their tasks while hiding from the Imposter and running out the clock.

Hide n Seek was rumored as an under-development mode for quite a while. The announcement reignited the excitement among fans to jump into The Skeld and complete tasks in Electrical again, praying the Impostor doesn't find them alone.

Among Us Hide n Seek releases alongside update (v.2022.12.08): Full patch notes

On December 9, Among Us released its latest update (v.2022.12.08) following the Game Awards 2022 announcement. It brought the new Hide n Seek mode, along with new cosmetics for players to buy.

With the update now being available to download, players can jump right in and try out the new Hide n Seek mode. Let's take a look at the full (v.2022.12.08) patch.

New game filter options

Among Us has introduced a new feature that allows players to select their preferred lobby-type based on the kind of play session they are looking for, so they can be paired accordingly. Currently, there are four distinct types of lobbies:

  • Beginner: Best for new players.
  • Casual: Best for players just looking to have fun and not take the game too seriously.
  • Serious: Best for players looking to win and play with deliberation.
  • Expert: Best for players who know Among Us well.

Pet your pets!

At long last, players will finally be able to pet their in-game pets and let them know that they have been a good boy. To do so, one has to stand near the pet and press the button.

Haunt button

With the latest update, being a ghost isn't limited to finishing tasks and hoping for the live crewmates to figure out who the Imposter is. While players won't really be able to scare others, the Haunt button will allow them to follow a Crewmate, an Impostor, or another ghost.

How to play Among Us Hide n Seek mode? Settings, roles, and more explained

Hide n Seek is a new mode that was added to Among Us in the December 9 update. The mode flips the classic game's script as the hunters become the hunted.

Instead of boldly identifying the Imposter, the Crewmates have to hide and survive while completing their tasks to run the time out and win. Meanwhile, instead of blending in with the Crewmates, the Impostor is tasked with finding and taking the crewmates out.

Here's how to play the new Among Us Hide n Seek mode.

Among Us Hide n Seek mode - Basic Rules

As a Crewmate, your key to victory is simple. You have to complete tasks to run down the timer and survive until there is no more time left. However, If you’re the Impostor, you need to eliminate all the Crewmates before they finish the tasks.

Crewmates also get limited usage of vents, through which they can escape the incoming Imposter. During the Final Hide, the Impostor can use the Seeker map and pings to find out where the Crewmates are hiding.

Among Us Hide n Seek mode - How To Join/Find

Players now have to select which game mode they want to join - Classic or Hide n Seek. They can also use the lobby filter to find a match where everyone has similar gameplay intentions. Currently, the four alternatives are Beginner, Casual, Serious, and Expert.

Crewmate and Imposter gameplay

The objective is still more or less similar for Crewmates - finish the task within the given time and stay alive. Here are a few notable changes to keep in mind.

  • All Crewmates can now vent to escape the Imposter, with limitations that can be set in the game settings by the host.
  • Completing each task will make the timer go down, giving the Impostor less time to find and kill all Crewmates.
  • Keep an eye on the Danger meter in the top-left of the screen. As the Impostor moves in closer, the meter increases, signaling danger with rising music. If they move away, the meter falls.

Like the classic game mode, the Impostors once again have to kill Crewmates, except, they don't have to hide and pretend to be innocent anymore. However, they will no longer be able to use vents to travel around the map.

Among Us Hide n Seek mode - Final Hide

The Final Hide occurs when the Hide Time is over. The Impostors have to take care of all of the remaining Crewmates to win the game, so they get some help.


  • A new Ping system sends red rings of ping from each Crewmate's locations, giving the Imposter a general sense of direction of where they can find the Crewmates.
  • The Impostor also gets a speed boost to catch up with all of the Crewmates running around in the vents.
  • Aside from the Ping system and the speed boost, the Imposters get a new Seek map that allows them to locate the general area of the remaining Crewmates.


  • The only task left for the crewmates is to run and survive the oncoming Imposter.
  • Every few seconds, Crewmates will see a red ping atop their head, which the Impostor can use to locate them.

Among Us Hide n Seek mode - Settings Explanation

The developers have also added a whole new slew of settings related to the Hide n Seek mode. Here is a quick rundown of every option you need to know to set up your game, as described by InnerSloth.

  • Map: Change the map!
  • # Impostors: There can only be one, have fun.
  • Crewmate Vision: Adjust how far the Crewmates can see in the dark.
  • Impostor Vision: Adjust how far the Impostors can see in the dark.
  • # Common Tasks: Adjust the number of common tasks.
  • # Long Tasks: Adjust the number of long tasks.
  • # Short Tasks: Adjust the number of short tasks.
  • Impostor (Private Lobbies Only): You can pick who the Impostor is via a player’s username or select “Round-robin” and let the game cycle through the players who are it.
  • Player Speed: Adjust how fast players are.
  • Final Hide Time: Adjust how long Final Hide is.
  • Max Vent Uses: Adjust how many times Crewmates can use vents in a single game round.
  • Flashlight Mode: If set to “On”, Flashlight Mode will be activated and all players will have to control a cone of vision. If set to “Off”, all players will have radial vision (they will be able to see in a circle around them.)
  • Crewmate Flashlight Size: Adjust the width of the Crewmate's vision cone when Flashlight Mode is On.
  • Impostor Flashlight Size: Adjust the width of the Impostor's vision cone when Flashlight Mode is On.
  • Final Hide Impostor Speed: Adjust how fast the Impostor becomes during Final Hide.
  • Final Hide Pings: Adjust whether or not Final Hide Pings occur during Final Hide, which indicates where a Crewmate is to the Impostor.
  • Ping Interval: Adjust how frequently the Final Hide Ping occurs during Final Hide.
  • Show Names: Show usernames above the heads of players during Hide n Seek. Turning this off can make it more difficult for Impostors to find Crewmates if they are hiding behind certain objects.

About Among Us

Developed by InnerSloth, the multiplayer title gained massive popularity during the pandemic as people formed new connections and played with their friends across the globe. The simple, interactive game was just what everyone needed at the time.

Among Us divides a group of people into Crewmates and Impostors. The latter have to convince the Crewmates that they are innocent while taking them out one by one. The Hide n Seek mode is now available for players to try across all platforms.

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