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New leaks suggest Among Us is coming to the Epic Games Store

(Image Credit: Epic Games)
(Image Credit: Epic Games)
Modified 18 Dec 2020, 03:45 IST

Among Us is continuing its slow but inevitable takeover of the internet as it expands onto the Epic Games Store.

Among Us is currently available on Steam,, the Google Play store, the Apple App Store, and most recently, the Nintendo Switch eShop. Among Us expanding into the Epic Games Store increases the overall availability of the game on the internet at large.

Why would Among Us come to the Epic Games Store?

Increased availability for Among Us aside, it makes sense that Epic would want to get the internet’s latest sensation onto their platform as well. It’s fairly well known that Epic has a tendency to try to grab up exclusive deals with games that are expected to be successful whenever it can, though usually this is done before a game’s release.

With the notable exception of Rocket League during their crossover event with Fortnite, followed by its transition towards becoming free to play, Epic can’t usually make a non-exclusive product into an exclusive one.

Instead, Among Us coming to the Epic Games Store is likely an equally beneficial deal, as Among Us gains the legitimacy of being featured across multiple platforms and Epic gets to have yet another popular game on their client.

Possible advantages to working with Epic


Further information regarding what this process could include won’t be known until the official reveal and announcement, and it’s entirely possible that being hosted on another storefront is simply an effort to expand availability and nothing more, but there are further possibilities worth analyzing.

For example, Epic is known for working far more closely with the games hosted on their clients than Steam is. Innersloth has stated previously that they would like to implement new features into Among Us, including the creation of player accounts that players can use to manage friends, report players, and further customize their games.

It may be that working within the framework of the Epic Games Store could be useful for implementing these kinds of features.

Of course, whether this is something that will be happening soon or not is completely unknown. At the very least, Epic only asks for a 15% cut on sales, roughly half of the amount demanded by Apple, Google, and Steam.

For buyers who want to further support the developer, the Epic Games Store could be a more convenient option than something like

Published 18 Dec 2020, 03:45 IST
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