What you can learn by playing Among Us

(Image Credit: Polygon)
(Image Credit: Polygon)

For many people, gaming is just something to do to fill time with, something mindless and entertaining that helps get you from one event to the next without losing your mind to boredom. However, games often involve a number of real life skills that carry over to other parts of your life. Here’s a quick look at what you can learn while playing Among Us.

What Among Us teaches us about communication

It’s not a stretch to say that someone who is good at understanding groups is generally going to have a better chance of winning Among Us than someone who doesn’t understand how groups operate at all. If you don’t know how, why, or when people prefer to cooperate then it may be difficult for you to know how to help your team, or how to disrupt them as an imposter.

Communication time in Among Us is limited, so accurate, careful, and concise communication is vital for being able to get the crew together on the same page. If everyone only has two minutes to talk, you won’t have enough time for everyone to tell long winded and unnecessary stories. Instead, simply stating what you know and how you know it will be much more valuable to your Among Us crew.

It isn’t hard to see how this translates into real life. Anyone who has ever had to work on a group project knows that meetings can often get bogged down in talking about the latest events to happen in each other’s lives, rather than simply working to solve the problem at hand.

How Among Us helps us perform under pressure

It’s quite common for players to end up under interrogation from their friends, either due to some perceived slip-up or just general suspicion. This can happen for a number of reasons, especially if you were the imposter all along. Of course, if you are a crewmate it can be quite difficult to figure out how to convince anyone of your innocence.

Performing under pressure is a skill in its own right. There isn’t some magic word or trick to convince your friends, only you will know what they will believe, and sometimes you can’t convince enough.

But with enough experience, it will be easier and easier for you to deal with your friends’ suspicion, and avoid getting flustered when the tides turn against you in Among Us.

Among Us encourages us to be flexible

In today’s world, flexibility is arguably one of the most marketable skills you can have. Being able to read a situation and adjust your work strategy as needed to ensure a smooth process is highly valued, but not really taught anywhere.

In Among Us, flexibility plays a part in the game in a number of ways. If you’ve ever played a game with someone who seemingly always does the same thing each game, you might have noticed how the other players adjust to counter the rigid player’s tactics. If someone is always watching cameras in Among Us then you can expect them to be an early victim.

It helps to play Among Us in multiple different ways to get a feeling for what works best in each situation. Sometimes you might want to avoid doing tasks in order to keep an eye on the other players. Sometimes you’d be better off rushing through the tasks as quickly as you can. It all depends on what situations arise.

There is a lot to learn from playing Among Us. At the very least, the game can help you understand how to handle various situations.

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