Which Among Us players have won the most money?

(Image Credit: Faze Clan)
(Image Credit: Faze Clan)

It might surprise you to know that Among Us has had three tournaments throughout the month of October. These three tournaments handed out a combined $36,000 in prize money, and have given us the beginnings of a competitive ranking for Among Us. Here’s a look at who the top earning Among Us players are and where they won their money.

A quick note about competitive Among US

Among Us tournaments are not organized by any official body, they are almost exclusively organized by fans of the game and gaming organizations. As a result, these tournaments may be run very differently from one another. Altogether, “competitive” Among Us isn’t meant to be taken seriously, it’s more just a way for streamers and content creators to have a bit of fun while putting some money on the line.

No one should take this list seriously, these are just a couple players who made some money playing a fun game. This doesn’t imply that competitive Among Us rules would be right for your playgroup.

5. Jake’n’Bake - $3,000

Jake’n’Bake took second place in the Code Red: Among Us $10,000 Event which, as its name suggests, awarded $10,000 to the top players of that tournament. Jake’n’Bake is mostly known for his travel series on YouTube, using the tagline “Explore Together” as a showcase for his content.

He lists his locations as Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Shanghai, showing that he certainly has a wide range of places to explore, and his viewers can vicariously experience these other locations through his streams in videos.

Somewhere along the way Jake’n’Bake must have picked up Among Us and learned a few tricks. The Code Red: Among Us tournament featured quite a few big name streamers. Jake’n’Bake’s placement in this Among Us tournament is certainly impressive, and definitely shows that it can sometimes help to have a wider range of experiences when playing Among Us.

4. Punz - $3,500

Punz placed fourth in the Code Red: Among Us tournament and third in the Faze Clan Among Us In-Vent-Ational, collecting $3,500 altogether. Punz is a content creator that focuses on streaming and uploading to YouTube. His content features a variety of games including Fortnite, Minecraft, and lately Among Us.

Although Among Us has been a new addition to his content cycle, TwitchTracker reveals that it has boasted the highest average viewer count for his channel, giving him a potential niche and boost in viewership. Punz is one of the only people in the top five to have won money in two out of three Among Us tournaments, showing that his playstyle seems to be fairly consistent.

A few months ago Punz was averaging less than 10 viewers per stream, a number which now rests over 4,000, meaning this streamer is at a significant point where it’s up to him to find a way to turn this short boost in viewership into long term sustained growth.

3. TrainwrecksTV - $5,000

TrainwrecksTV took first place in the Code Red: Among Us tournament, taking home a sizable payout for being the best at tricking and interrogating his friends. Like many streamers, TrainwrecksTV is currently in the middle of a spike in viewership due to Among Us. Prior to Among Us, TrainwrecksTV streamed World of Warcraft, Counterstrike, Call of Duty, and made use of Twitch’s IRL and Just Chatting categories.

This gives TrainwrecksTV’s content a high-variety feel, and he relies more heavily on his own internet persona than the actual content he creates. Therefore, like the other Among Us streamers mentioned, it is likely that he will benefit from the Among Us boost, but will need to find a way to turn this temporary jump in viewership into sustained long term growth.

2. 5up - $8,000

5up took second place in the Faze Clan Among Us tournament, earning $8,000 from a tournament that gave out $25,000 altogether. 5up’s viewership had grown from an average of 10 to almost 1000 over the course of two years, though he benefited greatly from the Among Us boost like everyone else. His streams now average over 7,000 viewers and Among Us has been his most played game by a long shot.

Of the streamers we have seen so far, 5up is the one who is most focused on Among Us, with an overwhelming amount of his content dedicated to the game. The other games played on his Twitch channel, League of Legends, Minecraft, and many others, all have less than 15 hours of playtime, compared to Among Us with over 400.

It seems all that time spent focusing on Among Us paid off, as 5up is now the Among Us player with the second highest tournament winnings.

1. Yetiapocalypse - $12,000

Yetiapocalpyse is the current World Champion Among Us player, but despite that this streamer is actually still on the smaller side. While the other streamers here have begun to measure their average viewers in the thousands, the World Champion still averages around 700.

Like 5up, Yeti’s main game of choice is Among Us, while the other games played on his Twitch channel include Pokémon, and Risk of Rain 2.

It is curious that Yeti’s first place win hasn’t quite translated into greater viewership. If you like watching Twitch streams with smaller viewer counts and want to watch Yeti’s channel grow, you should definitely watch him play Among Us sometime.

At the very least, you can see what the number 1 Among Us player in the world plays like.

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