Comeback comparisons are in the air!

"It's not even close" - Wrestling world erupts with mixed reactions over who'd a better pro wrestling return between Edge and top AEW star

The wrestling world seemed conflicted over picking a better comeback between Edge and CM Punk.

Edge's return to the squared circle was comeback story for the ages. Suffering from nagging injuries, The Rated-R Superstar vacated the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and retired in 2011. Nine years later, he made a shocking return to the company when he entered the Royal Rumble 2020 match at number 21.


On the other shore, AEW pulled off arguably the most anticipated return in the history of pro-wrestling. After 7 years of absence, CM Punk made his triumphant return in August 2021. The Straight Edge Superstar didn't show any signs of rust and rose to prominence by winning the AEW World Title.

CM Punk and Edge have drawn quite the parallels in their respective comebacks. The two mega stars left the industry under unfortunate circumstances and returned after years of staying away. Both men have delivered brilliantly and enjoyed a significant amount of success since making their respective returns.

Recently, ardent fans took to Twitter to discuss which of the aforementioned stars had a better comeback. Here are some noteworthy mentions in favor of the Rated-R Superstar:

@JobberNationTV @TheEnemiesPE3 Absolutely. Edge comeback is the second greatest from a career threatening injury second to Shawn Michaels
@JobberNationTV @TheEnemiesPE3 This was never a debate Edge's comeback>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CM Punk's comeback
@JobberNationTV @TheEnemiesPE3 and Edge's was far better because it wasn't his choice to leave.
Punk acted like a petulant child...
Didn't get his way, threw a tantrum and went home.
@JobberNationTV @TheEnemiesPE3 I think we can all agree Jinder Mahal had a better title reign than Punk did

However, some fans believe CM Punk has had a greater comeback compared to the WWE Hall of Famer:

@JobberNationTV @TheEnemiesPE3 Huge fan of Edge, but from a booking sense Punk wins easy. Edge’s comeback has been all over the place, no clear direction. Punk’s mostly maintained a steady course even if he ruined it for himself time and time again.
@EttenGregory @JobberNationTV @TheEnemiesPE3 LMFAOOO hell nah bruh he’s been on a legendary last run
@JobberNationTV @TheEnemiesPE3 wasn’t even an argument but who buys out his contract?


Edge recently suffered a leg injury at the hands of a faction he created

Coming out of retirement, the 48-year old earned critical acclaim once again with his exquisite story-telling and wrestling IQ. The Ultimate Opportunist wrestled several dream matches with younger talent and shined against his peers when he main-evented WrestleMania 37.

Over the past few months, he has been involved in a heated feud against Judgment Day, a faction of his own creation. However, his match against Dominik Mysterio on RAW recently left fans worried.

The match ended early after the rest of Judgment Day attacked the legend. It was later revealed that the former world champion sustained a grade 2 MCL Sprain due to the assault.

BREAKING: Following an attack from #TheJudgmentDay on #WWERaw, an MRI on @EdgeRatedR revealed a grade 2 MCL sprain.

While there's no clear word on his return, the Hall of Famer is being advertised for Extreme Rules 2022. However, CM Punk's AEW future is seemingly under dark clouds given his recent backstage scruffle with The Elite.

What's your take on a better comeback between the two iconic performers? Sound off in the comments section below.

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