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High School DxD still (Image via Passione)

10 anime that exist only for fanservice

Fanservice, also popularly known as 'ecchi' in anime, is a material that is added to the episodes to appeal to the audience through scenes that are risqué or s*xual in nature. There are several anime that use fanservice to attract viewers, making it the main reason for many to watch the same.

While fanservice has become a part of anime, there are some series that are solely created to cater to it instead of having a larger meaningful story. Here we take a look at 10 such titles that exist only for fanservice moments.


Disclaimer: This list is subjective and ranked in no particular order.

Monster Musume and 9 other anime that exist only for the sake of fanservice


1) Highschool of the Dead

Still from Highschool of the Dead (Image via Madhouse)

Highschool of the Dead follows a group of high school students and survivors as they try to fight their way through a zombie apocalypse when the outbreak causes the world to shatter.

While it may be difficult to gauge that Highschool of the Dead has fanservice elements, given that its premise is a zombie-infested world featuring students, the creators have managed to fill it up with the same. In particular, these elements are set when one's mind is farthest away from such lewd thoughts.

2) Shimoneta

Shimoneta still (Image via J.C. Staff)

Shimoneta is set in a dystopian future where the Japanese government has banished all lewd content and monitors citizens with a device that analyzes every spoken word and hand movement. Hence, Blue Snow decides to fight back against the regulations by spreading lewd content.


As understandable by the anime's plot, it is majorly focused on p*rn, which leads to several fanservice moments. The characters try to learn more about their needs and desires as they explore the same with others.

3) High School DxD

High School DxD still (Image via Passione)

High School DxD follows the story of Issei Hyodo, a boy who joins Kuoh Academy, which was an all-girls school until recently. However, what Issei doesn't know at the time of entering is that the school's eerie world is filled with angels, fallen angels, and devils.

While High School DxD has a plot, the anime is majorly filled with fanservice moments as it became majorly popular due to its lewd elements, given that there isn't a single episode without them.

4) Prison School

Prison School anime still (Image via J.C. Staff)

Prison School is somewhat similar to the previous point, and features an all-girls school which starts admitting boys. However, the student council is very ruthless as any infringement can lead to students being imprisoned. Thus, when five boys are caught in the act of voyeurism, they are kept locked up for a month.

Prison School has a lot of fanservice elements as most of the boys that have been imprisoned love the punishments they receive from their supervisor. In addition, all student council members have been designed to be very attractive to the masses.

5) Monster Musume

Monster Musume still (Image via Lerche)

Monster Musume is set in a world where the Japanese government keeps the existence of liminals a secret, following which they announce a program to help the creatures become part of human society.

While the setting itself has nothing to do with any lewd content, the story follows Kimihito, who happens to give shelter to several such liminals. This living arrangement leads to several fanservice moments featuring the mythical creatures.

6) Free!

Still from Free! (Image via Kyoto Animation)

Free! follows the story of Haruka Nanase, a gifted swimmer, who decides to revitalize his school's swimming team after he encounters his former rival Rin Matsuoka, and hopes to defeat him.

Free! is an anime that shows off a cast majorly filled with shredded boys as there might not be a moment when a character is not topless on-screen.

7) How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?

How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? still (Image via Doga Kobo)

How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? follows the story of Hibiki Sakura, who, after putting on some weight, decides to go to the newly-opened Silverman gym to become fit again.

How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?, due to its theme of working out, has a lot of focus on one's physique. This has caused the series to put out some fanservice elements that often are pointed out in the anime itself.

8) Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire characters (Image via Gonzo)

Rosario + Vampire follows the story of Tsukune Aono, a boy who gets enrolled into Yokai Academy, a school for monsters to learn to coexist with humans, even teaching them to appear as one. While spending his days in the school, Aono befriends many monsters.

Rosario + Vampire sees Tsukune mingling with many attractive women, as each of them are creatures that can appear human. Thus, the protagonist is engulfed in several ecchi moments.

9) Keijo!!!!!!!!

Still from Keijo!!!!!!!! (Image via Xebec)

Keijo!!!!!!!! is set in an alternate world where gambling on women-only sports is quite popular. The game sees women try and knock down their opponents by using their breasts or buttocks.

As one can expect, Keijo!!!!!!!! has to have a lot of fanservice as the anime sees the characters trying to knock their opponents into the water using their bodies. Not just that, the women are also often seen in swimsuits.

10) Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!?

Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!? still (Image via Tear Studio)

Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!? follows a group of teachers, who for some reason, happen to get themselves into embarrassingly erotic predicaments with their students, causing them to develop feelings for them.

Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!?, as expected, has several fanservice moments. The anime features lewd moments between the characters as they try to understand their feelings and situations.

These were 10 anime that we believe exist only because of their fanservice elements. If there are any other similar series, do comment down below.

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