10 anime to watch if you like Highschool DxD

'Testament of Sister New Devil' is a must-watch anime for 'High School DxD' enjoyers (Image via Testament of Sister New Devil, Kadokawa Picture, Production IMS)

High School DxD is an incredibly infamous anime. The prevalence of both the ecchi and harem genres in the anime has fans either loving the anime or hating it. Many agree that the High School DxD anime seems unique amongst other harem anime. The protagonist, Issei Hyoudou, must work to create his harem rather than have beautiful girls handed to him.

There are many anime series that are similar to High School DxD. They all provide tons of fanservice with the ecchi and harem genres they fall under and are infamous throughout the anime community.

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Ten anime similar to High School DxD

1) Quintessential Quintuplets


High school student Fuutarou Uesugi is the protagonist of the Quintessential Quintuplets anime and an ace when it comes to academics. He maintains a good score in all of his classes despite the harsh life he leads. Due to this, he comes across as aggressive and withdrawn.

One day during lunch, Uesugi encounters a transfer sitting where he usually sits. This results in the two of them arguing and already disliking each other. Later that day, Uesugi was presented with a proposal to tutor a wealthy family's daughter for five times the average salary. He figured this was the perfect opportunity to clear his father's debt and make some money on the side. However, the girl he was meant to tutor was revealed to be Itsuki Nakano, the girl he was arguing with earlier.

He struggles and fails to get on Itsuki's good side but finds out that his problems are only beginning. Itsuki has four other siblings, and he must tutor each of them. Even though they do not appreciate him, he must try his best to prevent them from falling out of school.

2) Hundred

Official 'Hundred' art featuring the two main characters (Image via Hundred, Avex Pictures, Production IMS)
Official 'Hundred' art featuring the two main characters (Image via Hundred, Avex Pictures, Production IMS)

Humankind was attacked by a violent extraterrestrial creature known as Savage, and the weapon humanity has developed to combat this creature is known as Hundred. The primary protagonist, Hayato Kisaragi, is a survivor of one of Savage's attacks and seems to have an incredibly high compatibility level with the Hundred technology. Due to this, he was invited to hone his inherent abilities at Little Garden, one of the most prestigious military academies in the world.

During the battles he engages in through his intense training, he begins to attract the interest of various female peers. This causes him to be forced into several incidents while trying his best to complete his training and protect Earth's inhabitants.

3) Testament of Sister New Devil

Testament of Sister New Devil (Image via Testament of Sister New Devil, Kadokawa Picture, Production IMS)
Testament of Sister New Devil (Image via Testament of Sister New Devil, Kadokawa Picture, Production IMS)

Basara Toujou's father brought home two beautiful girls and introduced them to his son as new siblings. Despite being against this, he had no choice but to accept Mio Naruse and Maria Naruse as his new stepsisters. Unfortunately, before his father told him about this new development, he accidentally encountered Mio in the restroom while she was using it. This caused her to freak out, making a bad first impression on Basara's part.

Later on, the girls reveal themselves to be demons. Mio is the daughter of the former Demon Lord, and Maria is her succubus servant. This forced Basara to reveal his identity as a member of the Demons' greatest enemy, the Heroes Clan. Instead of eliminating his demon stepsisters, Basara decided to go against his nature and protect his new sisters.

As a result of the Heroes watching Basara's every move and hostile demons trying to kill Mio, Basara has to perform the impossible to protect his new family constantly.

4) Prison School


Hachimitsu Private Academy is a well-known all-girls boarding school famous for its outstanding education and disciplined students. However, the school's girls-only status was altered drastically after allowing boys to enroll. Due to it being the first time this has ever happened, only five boys were allowed to register at the beginning of the new semester.

Due to being the only boys on campus, Kiyoshi, Gakuto, Andre, Jo, and Shingo are quickly made outcasts by the majority female population before making a first impression. Their main goal is to finally move up in the school's hierarchy enough to interact with the female students. Unfortunately, the Underground Student Council puts a wrench in their plans and casts them into the school's prison with a one-month sentence. The boys must now navigate the school while being labeled as prisoners and taking orders from the female students.

5) Date A Live


The continental area of Eurasia was devastated by the large-scale phenomena of space vibrations known as spatial quakes almost thirty years ago. Due to this, over 150 million people were killed, and the world has been afflicted with smaller spatial earthquakes ever since.

Itsuka Shidou is an average high school student living with his younger sister Kotori. One day, when a spatial quake threatens the safety of those living in Tengu City, Shidou runs to save his sister. Despite his best efforts, he is caught in a large explosion, and he discovers that a girl with strange powers is most likely the cause. She is revealed to be a Spirit, an otherworldly being whose appearance on Earth causes spatial quakes. After their meeting, the Anti-Spirit team attacked the Spirit, and the two sides engaged in combat.

However, another group that believes in saving the Spirits, Ratatoskr, recruits Shidou for their cause after the fight. They believe there is another way for the Spirits to be dealt with that does not involve violence, and that is by having Shidou make them fall in love with him. Now, Shidou must put his romantic skills to the test to charm all the Spirits and save Earth.

6) Strike the Blood


The Demon District of Itogami Island is home to creatures of various backgrounds and abilities. Kojou Akatsuki is a high school student who tries to live an ordinary life in the Demon District. Although he seems normal from his appearance to his personality, one major thing makes him different from everybody else. He is the fourth progenitor; a mighty vampire considered only a myth.

In fear of Kojou's limitless destructive potential, the Lion King Organization sent an apprentice sword shaman, Yukina Himeragi, to observe Kojou and report her findings back to the organization. She was also tasked with taking him out if he were ever to get incredibly violent and become a threat to the surrounding area. However, both Yukina and Kojou developed a somewhat unexpected alliance as they protected the city from forces that aimed to bring society to ruin.

7) Trinity Seven


The anime begins with the red sun shining brightly in the sky, illuminating everything beneath it. Suddenly, one day it stopped shining and caused the Breakdown Phenomenon, which caused the destruction of Arata Kusaga's hometown and the vanishing of everyone who lived there besides Arata. However, Arata used a magical grimoire that his cousin gave him years ago to reconstruct the world he lost artificially.

Sometime later in the anime, Lilith Asami appeared in front of Arata while she was investigating the Breakdown Phenomenon. This caused Arata's artificial world to disintegrate. At the same time, he was left with two options: hand over the grimoire or die, but being the slippery person that he is, he was able to create a third option, enrolling at the Royal Biblia Academy. Teaming up with Lilith and five other girls at the academy, Arata became the final member of the Trinity Seven.

8) Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls


Kimihito Kurusu once lived a quiet life. His parents were working abroad, and his day-to-day occurrences were relatively unremarkable. However, the day monster girls came to Earth, his life became much more enjoyable. This anime features Japan with cutting-edge technology, allowing it to become the first country to integrate non-human species into a human-dominated society.

After Kimihito was left as the caretaker of a Lamai named Miia, he quickly attracted the attention of female members of various other species. This resulted in his ever-growing harem, where he attempted to marry them all as a loophole to the Interspecies Exchange Act.

9) Mushoku Tensei


A 34-year-old shut-in found the resolve and determination to perform a heroic act, despite the bullying and oppression he faced his entire life. Unfortunately, this act of heroism only ended in a tragic accident. Luckily for him, he awoke in a new world as Rudeus Greyrat, beginning a new life as a child. This is where the Mushoku Tensei anime truly begins.

While keeping the memories from his old life, Rudeus was able to adapt to this new environment and rise through the ranks quickly. Using his adult mind and incredible magical ability, Rudeus caught the attention of a powerful mage named Roxy Migurdia. Rudeus aims to become the strongest person in this new world while overcoming his traumatic past with his second chance at life.

10) Val x Love


In this anime, legendary female warriors from Asgard, known as Valkyries, were sent by Odin to defend Earth against the demons. Nine Valkyries came down to Earth and disguised themselves as the Saotome sisters to integrate better into human society.

Meanwhile, socially awkward Takuma Akutsu, the anime's primary protagonist, decides that Odin chose him to become the Valkyries' lover. He must help them in the war against the demons. He agreed to let the nine Valkyries stay in his massive empty house, leading to the creation of a harem filled with influential individuals. With the help of Takuma, Earth is in good hands.

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