What to expect from Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Season 2

Official Mushoku Tensei art (Image via Studio Bind)
Official Mushoku Tensei art (Image via Studio Bind)

After an anime adaptation for the drama-fantasy light novel Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation was announced, fans were skeptical. Various light novel anime adaptations in the past have strayed away from their source material to the point where they have become unrecognizable. So, their skepticism was understandable.

However, when Mushoku Tensei season one aired in January 2021, it took the anime community by storm. Rated as one of the best anime to air during the Winter 2021 season, part 2 of season one was confirmed not long after the anime's initial airing.

It was released in October 2021. Both parts of season one received massive support and high ratings on various anime review websites. They received an 8.37 and 8.77, respectively, on MyAnimeList.

Note: This article contains heavy spoilers.

When could Mushoku Tensei Season 2 arrive?

Studio Bind, the studio responsible for adapting the Mushoku Tensei light novel, has begun production on season two. Since the confirmation of season two was announced only a few days ago, no official release date has been set.

But fans of the series speculate that season two should be released sometime around late 2022 to early 2023. Also, no key visuals have been made.

Recap of Mushoku Tensei season 1


Season one had a split release. The first part of season one mainly set the scene for the show. It followed a 34-year-old shut-in who, after trying to turn his life around and being hit by tragedy, ended up as a baby named Rudeus Greyrat in a world of fantasy and magic. He goes on exciting adventures and forms bonds with various companions as he tries to make up for his previous life.

Meanwhile, part 2 further built upon what was already happening in the show. Rudeus has acquired a student and they are both transported to the Demon Continent.

There they formed an adventure party with Ruijerd Supardia, a new companion. These three use their adventuring experience and combat skills to explore the Demon Continent and uncover new dangers that await them on their travels.

What should fans expect from Mushoku Tensei season 2?

Rudeus Greyrat using water magic (Image via Studio Bind)
Rudeus Greyrat using water magic (Image via Studio Bind)

Season two will continue to follow the adventures of Rudeus Greyrat and his companions as they journey through the world of magic. They will form alliances with new people and take on terrifying dangers.

Fans should anticipate many new story arcs and characters to appear in the next season. While they wait for season two, fans can get a head start on the rest of the story by reading the light novel.


Although not much concerning season two has been released, anime fans are expecting it to be great. Amazing animation and a unique story are both aspects of this series that make it a fan-favorite.

As more news about season two comes out, updates on the release date, key visuals, specific aspects of the story, and more will be provided to keep anime fans informed.

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