15 funniest anime of all time

Gintoki the protagonist from Gintama (Image Via Sunrise studios)
Gintoki the protagonist from Gintama (Image Via Sunrise studios)

Comedy anime have their distinctive ways of storytelling with laughter as the main ingredient, which can go from giving someone a good chuckle to driving them to fall and bust their gut.

Almost every mangaka, within several genres like shonen, shojo, isekai, slice of life, romance and more, tries to implement all possible aspects to balance the emotions in an anime.

Funny anime have their own division where the humor element is focused on a greater extent. With witty plotlines and hilarious characters, these shows are the best in their league to get a good laugh out of viewers.

15 funniest anime to binge right away

15) The Devil is a Part-Timer!

The devil is a part-timer! is a hilarious anime with little action and lots of laughter. It would be hard to believe that a demon king is flipping burgers at a fast-food restaurant, but not for Sadao Maou, who is none other than Satan himself.

After losing the battle at Ente Esla, the demon king along with his loyal comrade Alsiel, tried to retreat through a dimensional portal and ended up in modern-day Japan.

Running after him, hero Emilia also drifts enters the portal and starts living as a commoner, just like Sadao. One fine day after crossing paths, they realized their magical abilities are limited.

From here begins the hilarious yet unusual journey of powerful foes living an ordinary life just to make their ends meet. Great humor and surreal jokes make it one of the funniest anime that one should add to their binging list.

14) Back Street Girls: Gokudolls

Back street Girls: Gokudolls is an underrated anime and is considered a hidden gem. After disappointing their boss, Kentarou, Kazuhiko, and Ryo are now given two options: have their legs dissected and organs harvested to be sold in the black market or take a trip to Thailand for gender reassignment surgery to become Jpop idols.

After a year of training, the three yakuza get a new life as Mari, Chika, and Airi respectively. Debuting as Gokudolls, they delivered a very good performance. However, even after going through entire gender reassignment, they still have the Yakuza spirit in them.

To fix that, their boss hires a pop idol manager who was rumored to be flawless in his job. Now, they have to work with the manager in order to become the top Jpop Idol. Their journey from rugged yakuzas to pop idol girls makes it one of the funniest anime on this list.

13) Komi Can’t Communicate

Komi can't communicate is a new addition to the genre of comedy anime. Shouko Komi is a beautiful girl with long, dark hair, and eyes that radiate serenity. Komi has a dream to make 100 friends but she struggles to have even one because of her social anxiety.

On her first day at Itan Private High School, everyone got mesmerized by her beauty, while she just kept a straight face and walked in like no one was watching.

Hitohito Tadano is a boy from the same school who just wants to avoid trouble and blend in. After an odd encounter with Komi, he wants to help her overcome her anxiety.

When Komi tries to speak to others, she trembles and makes a buzzing sound. She carries a notebook and writing tools to converse with others, and if she forgets her only medium of communication, she freezes up.

However, it's a tactful depiction of one's troubles with conversing and making relationships. The anime is both heartwarming and funny.

12) The Way of The Househusband

The Way of the Househusband is also a recent addition to the comedy anime genre. Tatsu, a former yakuza, who goes by the title the legendary “Immortal Dragon”, once feared by all the vicious gangsters, is now a homemaker.

Abandoning his past, he starts living a peaceful life with his wife in an apartment. Wearing an apron 24X7, Tatsu is always indulged in household chores.

Striving to live a peaceful life, he often gets misunderstood due to his heavy voice and looks. Being a homemaker is not an easy job for an ex-yakuza, though Tatsu never lets himself down. Be it cooking like a professional chef, getting the best deals out of supermarkets, or even getting rid of tough stains on a piece of cloth, he always steps to the fore.

The animation of basic household chores shown as intricate action scenes makes it a hilarious anime.

11) Haven’t you heard? I’m Sakamoto (Sakamoto Desu ga?)

It’s almost impossible to be the best at everything, but not for Sakamoto. Academics, sports, cooking, cleaning, and drawing, the list may go on and on, and still, there’s nothing that Sakamoto couldn’t do, and that too exceptionally.

The entire story is centered on the infamous Sakamoto, a Tensai. He is a perfectionist who does even the basic chores flamboyantly.

Ferocious delinquents and peers who feel threatened by Sakamoto always try to create treacherous situations for him, but somehow, he always manages to evade them. Despite having only 12 episodes, it has all the essential elements that make it re-watchable.

10)The Disastrous Life of Saiki-k

For a person who is born with supernatural psychic abilities like telekinesis, hypnosis, mind control, memory alteration, size augmentation, shapeshifting, clairvoyance, bilocation, and elemental manipulation, it’s obvious they go nuts and do whatever they wish.

But in the case of Saiki Kusuo, who is born with all these gifts, he just wants to live a pretty normal life without others’ interference.

Saiki Kusuo has a unique appearance with his green-tinted glasses, pink hair, and two antennas on his head that suppresses his psychic abilities. Kusuo always tries to keep his powers a secret from his classmates but somehow manages to draw attention to himself.

The protagonist's mundane efforts to avoid tough spots eventually land him in unpredictable circumstances with hilarious outcomes.

9) Beelzebub

Beelzebub is one of the funniest anime that is admired by many. The anime follows the story of Oga Tatsumi, the protagonist of the show, who is also known as "The Rampaging ogre."

One day at a riverbank, Oga encountered a huge man who came floating down the river. After being rescued, the man splits into half and a baby boy crawls out. Looking at Oga, the baby developed an attachment towards him because of his ruthlessness and immense strength.

The child is the son of the Demon lord. The anime uses biblical demon characters in a way that instead of being scary, they seem humorous.

8) Arakawa Under The Bridge

Arakawa Under the Bridge is a romantic slice of life comedy anime. Kou Ichinomiya is a young wealthy man who is devoted to his family principle to “Never be indebted to anyone.” He also wears a tie with that slogan written all over it.

One fine day, after running into some mischievous kids, he fell into a river under the bridge. Saved by a stranger, now he is indebted to her. To repay her debt, she asked Kou to be her lover and live with her under the bridge.

The riverbank is assumed to be a village for the super odd individuals, and these characters are the source of the comedy in this anime.

Characters like a male English war veteran nun, a man in a kappa costume who thinks he’s a real kappa (Japanese folklore creature), a little girl with monstrous fighting skill, a samurai hairdresser, and so on, are the essence for laughter in this anime.

7) Nichijou

Nichijou (My Ordinary Life) is an anime that goes opposite of its title. The trio Mai, Yuuko and Mio are childhood friends, and one could say that their life isn’t ordinary.

The unexpected events that happen with them are the major moments of laughter. Other characters, like the young genius Hakase, her android caretaker nano and talking cat, make the show more hilarious when they cross each other’s paths.

Nichijou is a slice-of-life anime with a blend of surreal comedy and unique characters.

6) Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka is another funny anime that one shouldn’t miss. The story follows Onizuka Eikichi, a 22-year-old teacher who formerly led a vicious motorcycle gang. Later, he left that line to pursue his dream to become the greatest teacher of all time.

Although his students make his job tough, Onizuka never abandons his duties as a teacher. Despite being a grown-up, his actions seem juvenile, like borrowing games from his fellow student Yoshikawa Noboru.

Onizuka breaks all the borders of insanity and goes an extra mile to save his students from despair, even if it risks his life. The entire anime is a roller coaster of emotions and laughter.

5) Prison School

Hachimatsu Private Academy was once an all-girls school but after refurbishing its policy, now it welcomes boys too. At the beginning of the first semester, only five boys made it to the academy - Kiyoshi, Gakuto, Shingo, Andre, and Jo.

For these guys, socializing with the opposite gender is a frightful task, and the biggest irony is them being surrounded by thousands of girls.

In the blink of an eye, everything at that point in their life went upside down. With its slapstick comedy, hilarious unique characters and melodramatic dialogs, Prison School has ways to make viewers roll on the floor.

4) Handa-Kun

Handa-Kun is another underrated hilarious anime. It is centered on Handa Sei, a young, handsome, exceptionally talented calligrapher who's blessed with a charismatic personality.

A traumatic experience in his life developed a fear that made him shut off from his peers. He thinks everyone around his school hates him, whereas they see him as a prodigy. Sei embodies the definition of an introvert who's revered by everyone around him.

Even guys too get mesmerized by his presence. In fact, one guy, idolizing Sei, completely altered his looks like him. Heavily misunderstood by his peers, Sei always keeps a straight face despite panicking inside like a chicken.

His efforts to avoid his peers and others often end up converting them into his followers. Handa-Kun is a series of endless cycles of misunderstanding that makes it an exceptionally funny anime.

3) Cromartie High School

Another school of delinquents where everything ends up in violence. Cromartie High School is considered to be a hilarious anime for its absurdity.

Takashi Kamiyama is a polite and modest student with an above-average IQ who's landed at a school where he must become hard-boiled just to fit in.

The anime with its absurd plotline has some bizarre characters that don’t even make sense, like Mechazawa, a student who is a tiny robot (that fact is always overlooked by his followers and his foes), a Gorilla who is an excellent sushi chef, and a burly version of Freddie Mercury.

2) Daily Lives of High School Boys

Daily lives of high school boys is an adorable anime that revolves around three guys: Tadakuni, Hidenori, and Yoshitake of Sanada North Boys High School.

Every day, these boys have to deal with extraterrestrial beings, gigantic robots, intense drama, and romantic scenarios in their imaginative world. In reality, these are just some ordinary kids living an ordinary life with their extraordinary role-plays and skits.

Like the title itself, "High School" gives a glimpse of every successful anime that has never let down the viewers. The anime doesn’t have a continuous flow in its story, instead, it is divided into bits that show the comical moments of these High School Boys.

1) Gintama

Gintama is, by far, the funniest anime of all time. The entire story takes place in Edo, a city in Japan, and centers on the protagonist Sakata Gintoki.

After Earth gets invaded by aliens known as Amanto, they forbid the carrying of swords in public, which is an essential weapon of a Samurai. But Gintoki, sticking to his way of the samurai, carries a wooden sword.

Whilst doing odd jobs, Gintoki along with his two subordinates and a dog, vanquish several obstacles that come in their way just to make ends meet. With its ocean of characters, action-packed brawls, heartfelt moments, and rib-tickling expressions, Gintama comes to the rescue with its whole package deal.

Unexpected parodies and hilarious endings are the essence of Gintama which makes it the funniest anime ever.

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