Every gang in Tokyo Revengers manga, from least to most corrupt

Tokyo Revengers (Image credit: LIDENFILMS)
Tokyo Revengers (Image credit: LIDENFILMS)

Tokyo Revengers is a manga series by Wakui Ken centered around the adventures of delinquents’ gangs in Tokyo. So, there are plenty of different gangs in the series, varying in their power, structure, and ruthlessness.

It can get a little confusing, especially considering the different timelines created thanks to Takemichi’s time travel. So, let’s review all the important gangs that play a major role in Tokyo Revengers.

Every major gang in Tokyo Revengers manga ranked based on moral corruption

Toman (Image Credit: Weekly Shonen Jump)
Toman (Image Credit: Weekly Shonen Jump)

Tokyo Revengers manga has featured nearly 25 gangs so far, but not all of them are plot-relevant or fleshed out. But there are about 15 gangs from multiple timelines that play heavily in the course of the Tokyo Revengers manga, which are listed below from least to most morally corrupt. Because of their lack of plot importance, gangs like Night dust or Twin Devils are not listed, and Mizo Middle Five is excluded due of its lack of impact on the Tokyo Revengers universe, although it is very important plot-wise.

15) Black Dragons, 1st Generation

The 1st Generation of Black Dragon, led by Sano Shinichiro and consisting of Akashi Takeomi, Imaushi Wakasa (Waka), and Arashi Keizo (Benkei), was the most revered and famous gang for a long time. Every storyline in Tokyo Revengers manga has its roots in the 1st Generation of Black Dragon. Black Dragon, led by Shinichiro was a noble gang famous for its moderate conduct and the gentle but wise nature of its leader. Shinichiro had a dream to reform the world of the delinquents, later taken up by his younger brother Sano Manjiro aka Mikey.

14) Tokyo Manji Gang (2005)

Founding members of Toman (image credit: LIDENFILMS)
Founding members of Toman (image credit: LIDENFILMS)

The Tokyo Manji gang in 2005, led by Mikey and his vice-president Ryuguji Ken aka Draken, is not so much a feared gang as it is one with a reputation based on the fighting capabilities of its leaders and captains. When Takemichi joins Toman in Tokyo Revengers Manga, it is dangerous and filled with hot-headed 15-year-olds, but it has a strict moral code that everyone adhered to, inspired by Shinichiro and reinforced by Draken’s guidance.

13) Ragnarok and 12) Kodou Rengou

Benkei in Ragnarok (Image Credit: Weekly Shonen Magazine)
Benkei in Ragnarok (Image Credit: Weekly Shonen Magazine)

Before Black Dragon was formed, Kanto was split in east and west. Ragnarok, led by Arashi Keizo, ruled the west side of Kanto with 600 members. On the east side of Kanto, 12 gangs joined under Imaushi Wakasa to form Kodou Rengou. While Tokyo Revengers Manga has alluded to both of these gangs being vicious, their main focus was on their ongoing feud with each other, indicating that while they were feared and powerful, they were not morally bankrupt. The two gangs were later united by Sano Shinichiro.

Waka in Kodou Rengou (Image Credit: Weekly Shonen Magazine)
Waka in Kodou Rengou (Image Credit: Weekly Shonen Magazine)

11) Black Dragon, 10th generation

Led by Shiba Kaiju, the 10th Generation of Black Dragon was a violent, vicious gang which still upheld the core principles of the first generation. Both Kokonoi Hajime (Koko) and Inui Seishu (Inupi) were members of this generation. After its defeat to Toman, Inupi handed the leadership of the 11th gen to Takemichi.

10) Moebius

Moebius was a biker gang under Osanai Nobutaka, frequently delving into extortion, torture and assault. After the Moebius arc of Tokyo Revengers Manga, the 1988 generation of Moebius joined Toman, and the 1990 generation formed Valhalla under the leadership of Hanma Shuji.

9) Valhalla

Under the vice-leadership of Hanma Shuji, guided by Kisaki Tetta from the shadows, Valhalla or the Headless Angel was a ruthless gang consisting of former Moebius members. It is revealed in Tokyo Revengers Manga that Kisaki formed Valhalla for Mikey to one day take over its leadership.

8) Black Dragon 8th generation

Led by Kurokawa Izana, the 8th generation of Black Dragon was the worst of it, corrupted from within and indulging in needless violence. Izana was later succeeded by Madarame Shion, who lost to Mikey and the then newly-formed Tokyo Manji Gang.

7) Rokuhara Tandai

During the period of unrest following Toman’s disbandment, three gangs warred over Kanto in 2007. Rokuhara Tandai, formed by Terano Minami (South) is one of them. Large in numbers and with Kakucho and the Haitani brothers in its ranks, Rokuhara is one of the more unhinged gangs in Tokyo Revengers Manga.

6) Brahman

Led by Kawaragi Senju, Brahman is said to be more of a yakuza group than a gang, with Takeomi, Benkei, and Waka in its ranks. Brahman is wrapped up in rumors, and deals in more serious crimes than other gangs in Tokyo Revengers Manga.

5) Kanto Manji Gang

The Kanto Manji gang, formed under the leadership of Mikey after the disbandment of Toman, is classified as dangerous because it has no goals or plan of action, and as such, no code of conduct. Indeed, when the Kanto Manji gang appears in Tokyo Revengers Manga, Mikey himself is completely immersed in darkness, and the only voice of reason left in the gang seems to be Koko. Together, Rokuhara, Brahman, and Kanto Manji were called the Three Deities.

4) S-62 Generation

S-62 Generation (image via Tokyo Revengers wiki)
S-62 Generation (image via Tokyo Revengers wiki)

S-62 Generation was a group formed by Kurokawa Izana in juvenile prison with Muto Yasuhiro, Madarame, Mochizuki Kanji, and the Haitani brothers. They involved themselves in drug trafficking and other criminal activities before they disbanded. They were known as the Vicious Generation.

3) Toman 2017 (original timeline)

Mikey in Toman, 2017 (image Credit: LIDENFILMS)
Mikey in Toman, 2017 (image Credit: LIDENFILMS)

The Tokyo Manji Gang that we were first introduced to in the beginning of Tokyo Revengers manga is vastly different from the Toman of the past. In the original timeline, led by a morally-bankrupt Mikey under Kisaki’s influence, Toman in 2017 is a full-fledged Yakuza group, involved in everything from extortion to murder.

2) Tenjiku

Tenjiku was formed under Kurokawa Izana with all the members of S-62 Generation, and ruled Yokohama with a yakuza-like terror. Of all of its versions in Tokyo Revengers Manga, Toman was at its worst in that timeline after having merged with Tenjiku. However, Izana’s death aborted that future, leading to the disbandment of Toman and the formation of the worst gang in Tokyo Revengers Manga.

1) Bonten

The period of unrest came to an end when the Three Deities merged together under the leadership of Mikey, and formed the worst gang in Tokyo Revengers Manga - Bonten. Completely corrupt and with members who had no moral code, Bonten ruled the entirety of Japan with an iron fist. In the current chapters of Tokyo Revengers Manga, Takemichi is trying to stop the formation of Bonten and save Mikey.