Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 Explained: Is it too late for Mikey and Takemichi?

Mikey to Takemichi (Image credit: weekly Shonen Magazine)
Mikey to Takemichi (Image credit: weekly Shonen Magazine)

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 was released this morning and the picture it presents is far more gruesome than what readers assumed from the unexpectedly leaked four pages earlier this week. The following is the breakdown of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 and further speculations.

Mikey finally becomes a murderer in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 is titled "Better Late Than Never" and is part of the Bonten arc.

Recap of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232

Mikey threatening Senju (Image credit: weekly Shonen Magazine)
Mikey threatening Senju (Image credit: weekly Shonen Magazine)

In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232, Mikey and South, aka Terano Minami, fight, in which Mikey renders South immobile. As Takemichi rushes to stop Mikey, he unceremoniously breaks Takemichi’s arm and continues towards South. Mikey emits a sinister aura that makes Senju recoil in fear.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233

Mikey vs South

Mikey tossing South aside (Image credit: weekly Shonen Magazine)
Mikey tossing South aside (Image credit: weekly Shonen Magazine)

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 opens with Mikey punching an unconscious South as Takemichi screams in pain and frustration. Finally, Mikey tosses South to the side. As Takemichi rushes to him, he finds that South is dead. Kokonoi, Senju, Takeomi, and everyone present is shocked at Mikey’s actions, but Kokonoi recovers fast.

tokyo revengers chapter 233 spoilers ???HE. i like when he takes charge teehee 🙈

Kokonoi declares that since Brahman’s leader Senju lost to Rokuhara’s leader, South, to prevent more fighting. Then South lost to Kanto Manji Gang’s leader Mikey, Kanto Manji gang emerged victorious in the battle of three deities.

In the following pages of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233, we see Kokonoi take charge and direct everyone to retreat. Haitani Ran is seen carrying Kakucho out of the field, Rokuhara having accepted their defeat and the death of their leader, South.

You again?

Takeomi vs Mikey (Image credit: weekly Shonen Magazine)
Takeomi vs Mikey (Image credit: weekly Shonen Magazine)

Then, in Tokyo Revengers chapter 233, Akashi Takeomi voices what everyone else had been feeling, that Mikey went too far. Mikey walks up to a kneeling Takeomi and kicks him square in the face, intending to kill him. Even with his broken arm, Takemichi runs to Mikey, yelling at him that what he is doing is wrong.

But Mikey coldly says, “you again?” as he punches Takemichi out of his way. Kokonoi rushes forward, telling Mikey to stop. But Mikey steps around him and continues towards Takemichi, lying on the ground, asking him how to die.

Is this the end for Takemichi?

// tokyo revengers chapter 233 you know what hurts? when mikey used to just joke around about hurting takemichi and now, he’d really done it yet michi’s doesn’t even grow a hatred on him. wakui, you’re giving us too much pain.

As Mikey asks this, Takemichi gets a flashback to when Mikey had pulled his leg back in middle school by asking him the same question. But this time, Mikey means business. In the remaining pages of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233, Mikey ruthlessly beats Takemichi as Kokonoi watches, horrified, and Senju calls out for Takemichi desperately.

On the last page of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233, Takemichi, with his bloody face and at the brink of passing out, brokenly calls Mikey’s name. The final panel of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 shows Mikey ready to punch Takemichi again, but the art makes it unclear if he hears anything or stops.

will Mikey stop? (Image credit: weekly Shonen Magazine)
will Mikey stop? (Image credit: weekly Shonen Magazine)


Mikey has crossed the point of no return in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233. He has killed someone, the very thing Takemichi came back to stop him from doing. As ruthless as everyone in these three gangs was, no one condoned murder except for a few people.

Takemichi, despite having the vision of South’s death, is unable to save him. Instead, it seems like he could also meet the same fate as South.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231: Blood-Chilling-Recolored#東卍FA#TokyoRevengers#MangaColoring

Mikey is unstoppable. He had been on this downward curve since Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231. It seems that in Chapter 233, he has reached a point where he cannot register anything other than his need to kill. It is doubtful whether Takemichi will be able to pull Mikey back to light in this timeline or if he will have to time travel again.

// tokyo revengers chapter 233the only panels that doesn’t give us too much pain were wakui showed us the holy trinity and ran helping out kakucho >:(

With Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233, the battle of the Three Deities concluded, with Mikey’s Kanto Manji gang ruling over others. Takemichi has already changed the timeline, but it does not seem that he has changed it for the better. Senju or Kokonoi may intervene to save Takemichi, but Mikey severely outclasses them in terms of power.

Tokyo Revengers 233 spoilers!I'm confused just where id Koko standing? He was in front of Mikey and disappeared...? He's just standing idle in the distance now? (Yeah I know he can't do sht against mikey but still the framing is questionable for me)

Takemichi’s call on the last page of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 can also break Mikey out of his trance. Another possibility is that since this is the first time Takemichi and Mikey have been in close contact after Takemichi traveled back, he can accidentally, or intentionally, grab Mikey’s hand and return to the future.

tokyo revengers 233 spoilermikey god

Chapter 233 has taken Mikey and his friendship with Takemichi to the very limit. Whether they can come back from it can only be seen in future chapters.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 is available for reading on Kodansha’s official website. It is also available on several online manga-reading platforms and in the weekly Shonen magazine. Chapter 234 is slated to be released on December 8.

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