Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 (leaked): Spoilers, speculations, where to read, and more

Mikey threatening Senju (Image via Weekly Shonen Jump)
Mikey threatening Senju (Image via Weekly Shonen Jump)

Unexpectedly, the raw scans of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 were leaked today, and they have left readers reeling. Only four pages were revealed, and there are no translations available yet.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 (leaked): Is it too late for both Mikey and Takemichi?

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232 recap

Mikey threatening Senju (Image via Weekly Shonen Magazine)
Mikey threatening Senju (Image via Weekly Shonen Magazine)

In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232, Mikey had passed the point of no return, emitting an aura so murderous that Senju recoiled from shock. Takemichi tried to stop Mikey from killing South, but Mikey emotionlessly broke Takemichi’s arm and continued towards South.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 leaked pages

We see Takemichi yet again standing in front of Mikey in an effort to stop him, to which Mikey says, “It’s you again.” As Takemichi pleads with Mikey to stop, telling him that it’s wrong, the latter punches Takemichi in the face and continues to punch him.

In the next leaked page of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233, Takemichi realizes that it’s already too late, and he can’t reach Mikey anymore.


As Senju and Kokonoi watch, horrified, Mikey tosses Takemichi to the ground. In the next leaked page of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233, Mikey pins Takemichi to the ground and continues to bash away at his face, very similar to how Mikey would have killed Kazutora if Takemichi had not intervened during the Valhalla arc.


⚠️TR 233 Spoilers⚠️..Mikey is going too far. If this continues, Senju might have to interfere in order to save Takemichi.

There are a few theories that come up from these four leaked pages of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233. While some readers hope that Draken is not actually dead and will come back to talk Mikey down, it is safe to say that Wakui has no intention of bringing Draken back.

Senju could be the one to intervene out of her concern for Takemichi, but she is overpowered by Mikey, who is older and more experienced than her.

tr 233 leaksmikey is going to kill him if he doesn't stop...

Kokonoi could also intervene since he looked so horrified at what Mikey was doing to Takemichi, but it is doubtful if he could reach Mikey at all when Takemichi could not.

The leaked page of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 can also be part of Takemichi’s vision. But so far, Takemichi has not had such a vivid and intricate vision, especially where he could speak, so that is less likely.

@manjiroasis why is south better then mikey lmaoo south literally just push takemichi away instead of punching him half dead dkdhsjsk

So could Takemichi be taking South’s place from his earlier vision? As we saw with Senju and Draken, Takemichi’s vision was about the formers, but in saving her, Draken had died similarly.

If Takemichi’s vision follows the law of “where there is death, there will always be death”, then it stands to reason that in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232, Takemichi might face Mikey’s unhinged aggression instead of South.

TR 233!!mikey, u better stay away from michi :( pls don't repost without permission!!#東卍FA #TokyoRevengers #sanomanjiro #Mikey

The bigger question remains, can Mikey come back from this? If so, then how? Beating up Takemichi, who is not only one of the people closest to him but who also went back in time to save Mikey multiple times, isn’t something that can be easily forgiven.

This is especially so since Wakui has given plenty of hints that this time Mikey knows that Takemichi has returned to the past to save him.

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Hopefully, the official scans of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233, to be released on Wednesday, December 1, will make things clearer. Official scans of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 will be available on Kodansha’s website.

The leaked four pages of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 are available on Twitter.

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