Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232: Mikey Crosses the Point of No Return

Mikey threatening Senju (Image via Weekly Shonen Jump)
Mikey threatening Senju (Image via Weekly Shonen Jump)

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232 was released today, and what readers feared in Chapter 231 seems to have come true. Mikey and South begin their fight, but Mikey has lost all sense of purpose and emotions by this point, leading to a disastrous outcome. Here is a detailed breakdown of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232 and further speculations.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232: Can Mikey be saved after this?

Recap of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231

In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231, we see South completely dominate Senju in their fight and advance towards Mikey. Mikey also defeats Kakucho in their battle as Kakucho muses that Mikey is fighting like a dangerous doll. Indeed, Mikey has completely shut down after Draken’s death, saying that he is empty inside.

As Takemichi tries to stop South, he gets a vision of South dying. Just then, Mikey appears and advances towards South for their fight, with an overwhelming aura of darkness surrounding him.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232 is titled “It Takes Two To Tango” and continues the Bonten Arc.

Mikey vs South

Senju sensing Mikey's murderous aura (Image via Weekly Shonen Jump)
Senju sensing Mikey's murderous aura (Image via Weekly Shonen Jump)

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232 starts with Mikey and South squaring off. Senju, whom South sent flying in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231, is visibly injured in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232. She reminds Mikey that her battle with South is not over, so Mikey has no right to fight South yet, which is technically the correct gang-fight code.

Mikey looks at her with soulless eyes and threatens her to stay out of his way. Senju is momentarily taken aback by the oppressive murderous aura coming from Mikey. One thing to note is that Wakui draws Mikey like the dark Mikey Takemichi seen in his last future, with Mikey in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232 looking especially hollow.

Mikey fights South (Image via Weekly Shonen Jump)
Mikey fights South (Image via Weekly Shonen Jump)

As Mikey and South start to fight, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232 switches to South’s point of view and readers are treated to four straight pages of incredible fight sequences.

During the battle, South compares their bout to their personal requiem. Indeed, Mikey and South seem to match each other blow for blow until Takemichi steps in front of South, interrupting their fight and disturbing their rhythm.

Mikey and Takemichi

Takemichi stepping in front of Mikey (Image via Weekly Shonen Jump)
Takemichi stepping in front of Mikey (Image via Weekly Shonen Jump)

It is then revealed in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232 that South is completely beaten up to the point that he cannot move, and the only unharmed part of his face is his left eye which was the focus of the previous four pages. Takemichi implores Mikey to stop; otherwise, South might die as he saw in his vision. But Mikey chillingly says that

“you cant stop destroying things, can you? I am the same. That’s why I am here to destroy you.”

While it seems like this is directed towards South, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232 leaves it unclear who Mikey is addressing.

Considering Mikey’s confusing ability to know when Takemichi has returned to the past in this timeline, along with his refusal to meet Takemichi or Draken, makes it equally likely that this might be directed towards Takemichi.

Considering that after Emma, the most important person to Mikey, was probably the deceased Draken, this could also be revenge talk. Takemichi then exclaims that similarly to when Baji died, Mikey has once again turned into a murderer.

Mikey break's Takemichi's arm (Image via Weekly Shonen Jump)
Mikey break's Takemichi's arm (Image via Weekly Shonen Jump)

In the next panel of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232, Mikey coldly tells Takemichi that he is in the way, and then in an almost indifferent manner, breaks Takemichi’s arm with a kick. Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232 does not embellish the scene in any way, making it all the more shocking.

It leaves readers questioning whether Mikey recognized Takemichi at that moment or if he even cared at this point. With Takemichi writhing in pain, Mikey advances towards South once more, asking him how he wants to die. In the last page of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232, Takemichi yells at Mikey to stop, with the last panel being a blur.


After reading Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232, it is hard to say if Mikey completely detached himself to the point where no one matters to him anymore or if he has just shut down after Draken’s death and needs to be shocked into his senses. Mikey’s attitude towards Takemichi in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232 is eerily similar to Mikey shooting Takemichi in the last future.

Mikey seems to have stopped fighting the darkness that has always existed within him, and it has expanded to consume him entirely. It remains to be seen if Mikey has really killed South. The Bonten arc is the darkest arc in Tokyo Revengers' Manga yet, and Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232 raises a heavy question of whether Takemichi can bring back Mikey after this.

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Fans can only wait for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233, which is slated to be released on December 1, to answer these questions. Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232 is officially available on Kodansha’s official website, among other sources.

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