Tokyo Revengers Chapter 234 leaked spoilers: Takemichi resolves to fight alone

Takemichi Isolates Himself (image credit: LIDENFILMS)
Takemichi Isolates Himself (image credit: LIDENFILMS)

Spoilers for Tokyo Revengers chapter 234 have surfaced and they expose a completely different story from the leaks posted yesterday. Twitter user mina/ TR234 (@taiyakiboi) has posted a new thread, which matches the leaks shared on the readtokyorevengers website and the raw scans available online.

New Tokyo Revengers Chapter 234 leaked spoilers hint at Takemichi’s declining mental state

tokyo revengers chapter 234"take care of mikey" they said, what's happened with toman member always said that to takemichi?

In the previous Tokyo Revengers chapter 234 leaked spoilers, Takemichi was seen waking up in the hospital. Apparently, Koko revealed that Senku stopped Mikey from beating Takemichi further.

Later, Chifuyu visits Takemichi and informs him that Draken’s funeral had taken place. Feeling penitent, Takemichi accepts the burden of blame and resolves to fight alone from now on.

TR 234 SPOILERS ⚠️....Mikey, who almost killed Takemichi, was stopped by Senju. Senju at that time was not strong enough to fight anymore and she said that she would dissolve Brahman and finally the conflict was over

According to the new Tokyo Revengers chapter 234 leaked spoilers, Mikey continues to hit Takemichi until he loses consciousness.

When he wakes up in the hospital in a battered state, Koko informs him that despite not being in a state to fight, Senku had stopped Mikey by promising to dissolve Brahman. In exchange, Mikey was asked to spare Takemichi.

With the conflict resolved, Takemichi wonders about Mikey, and realizes that the latter truly meant to kill him.

TR 234 SPOILERS ⚠️....The next time Takemichi woke up, there was Chifuyu beside him. He said that he had attended Draken's funeral and everyone was really shocked and speechless. Draken was supposed to be in the future but why did he die instead

According to the leaked spoilers for Tokyo Revengers chapter 234, Chifuyu visits Takemichi. The former informs Takemichi that Draken’s funeral was held, and everyone was in a terrible state of shock. However, no one blamed Takemichi for what happened.

Chifuyu rants angrily that Draken was supposed to live in the future, but he got himself killed. He breaks down, saying,

“This is all because of you, because of you… Draken-Kun.”
Tokyo Revengers CH 234...Chifuyu: It's enough...CHIFUYU DON'T YOU DARE DO SOMENTHING IMPULSIVE. If my boy goes for Mikey he's not gonna come alive.*CRYING*

But Takemichi insists on taking the blame, asking Chifuyu to leave him. The latter is enraged, and wants Takemichi to get better so that he can hit him. As Chifuyu moves to leave, Hina, who is also there, asks him if he is going home already. Visibly unnerved, Chifuyu says,

“That’s enough, Hina-Chan.”

But Hina does not understand him. Takemichi perceived the tension and apologized to Chifuyu again, stating:

“From now on, I will fight alone.”

Final thoughts

Chifuyu is Takemichi's partner (image credit: LIDENFILMS)
Chifuyu is Takemichi's partner (image credit: LIDENFILMS)

These Tokyo Revengers chapter 234 leaked spoilers seem far more probable than previous ones because Chifuyu sticks to Takemichi’s side despite the latter having abandoned himself. This is faithful to Chifuyu's personality.

It seems that rather than others shunning him, Takemichi has isolated himself, and is pushing away his loved ones including Hina and Chifuyu. Senju’s care for Takemichi is apparent in Tokyo Revengers chapter 234 leaked spoilers with her promising to dissolve Brahman for the latter's life.

Mikey, on the other hand, has become even more estranged. In the Tokyo Revengers chapter 234 leaked spoilers, Koko seems to be cleaning up after Mikey as well.

I think Mikey won't be able to attend Draken's funeral.....#TokyoRevengers #TokyoRevengers234

Takemichi’s mental decline is apparent, as is Mikey’s, and Tokyo Revengers chapter 234 leaked spoilers call into question whether either of them is in a position to save or be saved.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 234 will be officially released on 8 December 2021 on, Manga Plus, and other Shueisha platforms.

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