Who is Metal Knight in One Punch Man?

About Metal Knight from One Punch Man (Image via Netflix)
About Metal Knight from One Punch Man (Image via Netflix)

One Punch Man is one of the most well-received anime and manga series that blends high-octane action along with comedy. This shonen series has garnered attention from fans all over the world and they eagerly wait for the chapters to be released.

One Punch Man was always popular for the huge array of characters that they showcased. Each had a unique set of powers and traits. One such popular hero is Metal Knight. This article will talk about Metal Knight, his powers, and abilities.

Note: This article contains some spoilers.

Metal Knight from One Punch Man - Who is this character?

Metal Knight is the hero alias of Dr. Bofoi, who ranks sixth in the S class heroes category. In addition to saving people from monsters, he also supplies weapons and offers construction services to the Hero Association. There are multiple armored robots that are controlled remotely by Dr. Bofoi. He has constantly shown interest towards higher forms of technology and his reason for showing interest is purely for increasing his firepower.

Dr. Bofoi from One Punch Man (image via One Punch Man fandom)
Dr. Bofoi from One Punch Man (image via One Punch Man fandom)

He is an expert in explosives and high fire power weaponry, which he uses in one of the two robots that have been shown in One Punch Man so far.

Since he is a scientist, his approach to work is very pragmatic in nature. He is ruthless and doesn’t care about others’ lives as much as a hero should. When the Monsters Association kidnapped the son of the biggest contributor, Metal Knight suggested they bomb the headquarters and that it was okay if the boy died. The disgusted child emperor is another powerful S class hero in One Punch Man.


Dr. Bofoi has not revealed the full extent of his firepower, which is why the people from the Hero Association fear him and the consequences of his betrayal. Bofoi’s skill lies in the ability to pilot mechs that have ridiculously high destructive power. He has multiple robots that he can control remotely, allowing him to perform his duties without having to risk his life. His intelligence is far higher than an average human being and is the reason why he is such a powerful hero in One Punch Man.

He has also built a shelter for the Hero Association that is almost indestructible, showcasing his skill in building objects other than weapons.