8 times Naruto disappointed his mentors in the series

Some incidents where Naruto annoyed and disappointed his mentors (Image via Naruto)
Some incidents where Naruto annoyed and disappointed his mentors (Image via Naruto)
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Naruto is one of the biggest and most popular shonen anime series of all time. Alongside One Piece and Bleach, this series is considered one of the “Big Three” in the shonen anime scene.

While the protagonist has garnered love from fans worldwide, he has caused a few incidents that have disappointed his mentors on numerous occasions. Here are some incidents that involve Naruto annoying some of his mentors and teachers in Konohagakure.

Note: This list was left to the writer’s opinions and is in no particular order.

Incidents that disappointed some of Naruto’s mentors

1) Vandalizing the Hokage monument


Naruto grew up alone and didn’t have a parent figure to guide him during the earlier stages of his life. The series’ first episode began with the protagonist running away from his instructors after vandalizing the monument. This annoyed all the mentors and teachers assigned to his class.

2) Using Sexy Jutsu in front of the Hokage


Naruto was summoned by the Third Hokage, and the interaction was interesting, to say the least. After all, he rarely listened to his instructors or any adult that offered him advice.

The Hokage was no different in his eyes. In this instance, Naruto used the Sexy Jutsu, which an unhappy Hokage called a devious technique.

3) Teaching Sexy Jutsu to Konohamaru


Naruto was a kid, and so was Konohamaru, who was far younger. The little boy looked up to Naruto since he could pull a Jutsu of this kind.

The protagonist ended up teaching the young boy this questionable Jutsu, which disappointed the Chunin instructors of Konohagakure.

4) Stealing a forbidden scroll


The protagonist of the series ended up stealing a forbidden scroll after being tricked by Mizuki. The latter convinced him to do so by saying that it would allow Naruto to graduate from the exam he recently failed.

Most instructors were angry and reported this to the Hokage, but the truth was later revealed when Iruka joined the fight.

5) Disrespected the Hokages


It’s pretty ironic how Naruto disrespected the Hokages and their orders when he wanted to become one himself. Almost every interaction between him and Tsunade didn’t end well.

The Hokage was always yelling at him because it was very rare for him to listen. Naruto always demanded challenging missions that a shinobi of his level could not handle.

7) Impulsive decisions on the battlefield

Naruto had quite a few bad days in the series (Image via Animeanytime/Twitter)
Naruto had quite a few bad days in the series (Image via Animeanytime/Twitter)

It was pretty clear from the get-go that Naruto was not the smartest shinobi in the series. Hence, some of his impulsive decisions caused problems for the team when they were up against an enemy far stronger than them.

8) Naruto’s performance in the bell test


Minato Namikaze trained Kakashi and must have had a certain level of expectations from Naruto. But during the bell test, Naruto did not display any technical skill that could impress Kakashi.

Instead, Naruto let down his guard and allowed Kakashi to perform the Thousand Years of Death.

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