10 best anime to watch if you are a Zombie fanatic

10 best anime to watch if you are a Zombie fanatic (Image via Wit Studio and Madhouse)
10 best anime to watch if you are a Zombie fanatic (Image via Wit Studio and Madhouse)

Zombies have been one of the biggest parts of the horror genre in the anime universe. These mindless reanimated corpses don’t possess any supernatural abilities. However, they are immune to bullets, arrows, and even swords. These creatures are unstoppable unless they are decapitated. These creatures feed on human flesh and blood and are hungry almost all the time.

Moreover, one might be successful in killing one or two zombies, but going against their horde is a straight-up suicide, as one always runs out of ammunition. Although there have been a substantial number of anime that include zombies as minor antagonists, there are a few handfuls that solely focus on them and their terrifying nature.

Best Zombie anime of all time

1) Hellsing Ultimate


Hellsing Ultimate is one of the best dark fantasy anime that took place in the aftermath of World War 2, where the Nazis are still breathing and planning for another war to commence.

The Millennium is a paramilitary organization formed by Nazis that transforms humans into supernatural terrifying creatures like cyborgs, vampires, werewolves, and zombies. Millennium has only one goal, and that is to wage war against humanity.

However, in the presence of the organization Hellsing, the Millennium will have to think about their actions more than twice. The members of Hellsing swore to protect humanity from these evil supernatural creatures. Although the series doesn’t totally revolve around zombies, there have been moments where the members of Hellsing have to eradicate large hordes of these creatures.

2) Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress


The world of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is plagued with a mysterious virus that instantly kills humans, but that doesn’t stop there, because these individuals rise again as Kabane, which literally means corpses. The only thing that makes Kabane different from Zombies is their steel-coated heart, which is impenetrable. However, they can also be killed by decapitation.

While most of the weapons have been ineffective against them, Ikoma, a young engineer, created the deadliest weapon that would ultimately pierce the heart of a Kabane with ease. Ikoma resides on Hinomoto Island, one of the most fortified shelters that can even stand against the massive hordes of Kabane.

3) School-Live!


Yuki Takeya is one of the members of the 'School Living Club' alongside her friends Kurumi Ebisuzawa, Yuuri Wakasa, and Miki Naoki. All the members of the club are aware of the zombie outbreak. However, Yuki is the only person oblivious to the world's current state, but her friends won’t leave her as they took responsibility like her elder sisters.

The only rule of the School Living Club is that all members must live their entire lives within the boundaries of school grounds. Most of Yuki’s fun activities always break their rules, but her friends don’t want to disturb her fragile mental state. Yuki has a good sense of hearing, and even if she encounters a zombie, she’ll freeze up like a mannequin.

Being a horror psychological thriller anime, School-Live! is loved for its amazing twists on events and has also garnered a lot of praise for showcasing the endearing relationship between the characters.

4) Zombieland Saga


To revive the Saga Prefecture’s dying idol business, a man named Kotaro Tatsumi resurrected seven zombified girls from different eras. Sakura Minamoto is one of the members of the pop idol group, who dreamed of becoming an idol while she was alive. Sakura died in an accident, but after 10 years, she woke up as a zombie.

However, even with her new family and her abrasive manager Kotaro, Sakura can still follow her dreams and help the former in revitalizing the idol culture in Saga. The girls decided to name their group Franchouchou. The only thing they have to set as a priority is their identity as zombies. Zombieland Saga is said to be one of the most hilarious comedy-horror anime series out there.

5) Highschool of the Dead


A sudden outbreak engulfed the world in a deadly pandemic, turning every human into a mindless flesh-eating monster that is usually referred to by the characters as 'They.' One group of the surviving individuals includes a bunch of high school students who are on a quest to find out the root of the outbreak, whilst searching for their families.

Takashi Kimuro is one of the members of the group who had to kill his best friend when he got bitten and turned into Them. Takashi took an oath to protect his best friend’s girlfriend Rei Miyamoto, as from now on she is his responsibility.

Each member of the group holds expertise in certain fields and the only way they can survive is by combining their strengths together. Highschool of the Dead is an underrated gem that is comprised of classic zombie survival elements.

6) Sankarea: Undying Love


All Chihiro Furuya wanted in his life was an unusual desire to have a zombie girlfriend, who he even wished to kiss someday. Although this bizarre yet miraculous thing can only happen in his dream, he never stops thinking about it. One fated day, he meets Rea Sanka, whom he befriends in no time.

After Chihiro’s beloved cat, Baabu dies, he concocts a potion of resurrection made from the Hydrangea Macrophylla flower that he got from Rea’s family garden. In the process, Rea also drinks the potion to kill herself as she is oppressed by her father. After Rea survives the potion, she tries to jump off the cliff, but instead of dying she rises from the dead and becomes a zombie.

With the help of Chihiro, Rea survives as a Zombie by feeding on Hydrangea flower leaves. Chihiro’s dream of having a zombie girlfriend has finally come true, but life won’t be the same for him. The only thing that makes Sankarea: Undying Love an unusual rom-com anime series is where one of the characters is alive and breathing while the other one is dead.

7) Corpse Princess


Makina Hoshimura was killed along with her family, but later, she rose from the dead and turned into a Shikabane (corpse) herself. Being the lone survivor of her family, she ascended towards the path of seeking redemption by killing 108 Shikabane to enter the gates of heaven.

On this journey, she is assisted by Keisei Tagami, a contracted priest of an anti-corpse organization named Kogan Sect. With her ultimate goal of avenging her family, Makina has made up her mind to eradicate all Shikabane and also destroy their cult, the Seven Stars.

With the signature MAC-11 submachine gun and her Shikabane powers, Makina becomes a force to be reckoned with. The anime series, Corpse Princess, is comprised of action, adventure, horror, etc., which makes it a complete package.

8) Seoul Station


Based on the blockbuster film by Yeon Sang-ho’s Train to Busan, Seoul Station is an anime spin-off that serves as a prequel, showing how the zombie epidemic took place in South Korea. The story revolves around three characters, Hye-Sun, Ki-Woong, and Suk-Gyu, whose monotonous lives take a drastic turn after finding themselves trapped in a world plagued by zombies.

Amidst the zombie outbreak, the three individuals' complicated interconnected lives make their survival more difficult. However, they have only one goal and that is survival. For those who haven’t watched Train to Busan, Seoul Station will be a good place to start.

9) Is This a Zombie?


Ayumu Aikawa is an adventurous 16-year-old high school teenage guy, who tends to seek fun by getting involved in life-threatening things. One fated day, he tried to investigate a suspicious house, which got him killed by an unknown assailant. However, he wakes up in no time besides a strange yet beautiful girl named Eucliwood Hellscythe.

Eucliwood explains to Ayumu that she is a necromancer who brought him to life by turning him into a zombie. This caused Ayumu to panic at first, but later he got used to it. Later, Ayumu crosses his path with Haruna, who was fighting a bear with a chainsaw.

Haruna tries to erase Ayumu’s memory but the latter unknowingly assimilates her entire powers. Ayumu has now resorted to the only option of following Haruna’s orders of slaying Megalo, terrifying monsters who wreak havoc upon humanity. Is This a Zombie? is another hilarious action rom-com, which is a must-watch.

10) Calamity of a Zombie Girl


Seeking adventure in their life, five college students snuck into library storage where pricey antiques were kept to be sold and auctioned. The only thing that caught their eye was two strange coffins. Sayaka Kamoshida, being a greedy individual, rips out a powerful stone called the 'stone of life' from one of the mummies named Euphrosyne Studion.

Having her stone stolen, Euphrosyne wakes up from her long sleep and becomes a zombie. Euphrosyne started attacking the people whom she deemed to be criminals by smashing their heads and eating their flesh to rejuvenate her powers.

The individuals who managed to stay alive are left with only one option for survival, and that is to kill Euphrosyne and her maid helper Alma V. Calamity of a Zombie Girl is a popular ONA, based on Ryō Ikehata and Hagane Tsurugi original light novel series.