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There are many amazing 'forgotten' characters in Dragon Ball (Image via Toei Animation)

10 forgotten Dragon Ball characters who need a revival

Many of Dragon Ball's well-loved characters were introduced very early in the series. Goku and Krillin were both introduced in the original anime and have been in the show ever since. However, there are some characters who were in the original anime but no longer appeared in the series. Some of these characters were once loved by everyone, and many were saddened when they seemed to disappear.


10 characters in Dragon Ball who seem to have been forgotten

1) Launch


Launch was first introduced in the Dragon Ball anime, but was never seen again in the subsequent anime series.


Launch is an interesting character due to her strange disorder. When she sneezes, she involuntarily switches between two different personalities, this is represented through her hair color. While she has blue hair, Launch is calm and pure-hearted; however, when her hair is yellow, she is incredibly aggressive and more than willing to commit a few crimes.

Fans loved Launch and every time her yellow-haired personality was on screen, a chorus of laughs from the audience ensued.

2) Fortuneteller Baba


Fortuneteller Baba is one of the only witches in the show. She is Master Roshi's older sister and made a major appearance in the Fortuneteller Baba Saga. She runs a fortune-telling business on Earth and is always delighted to read someone's fortune as long as they can pay.


It would be interesting for her to make a canon appearance in Dragon Ball Super by having Goku and his friends require her assistance in taking down an enemy. At the same time, maybe she and Roshi could learn to tolerate each other rather than bicker all the time.

3) Maron

Krillin and Maron in the Z series (Image via Toei Animation)

Maron was one of Krillin's first girlfriends and resided in Kame House. She has not been seen since Dragon Ball Z, but many fans still love her character. Maron was never the brightest person but she knew how to get what she wanted and made fans laugh from time to time. It would be interesting for her to return to the series.

4) Korin

Korin as he appears in the series (Image via Toei Animation)

Korin is an 800-year-old immortal cat, and he resides in Korin Tower. Although he seems to be a very strict martial arts teacher, he can be nice and loves to play tricks on people. He has taught many of the series' most iconic characters, such as Goku, Master Roshi, Krillin, and others.

5) Yajirobe

Yajirobe as he appears in the series (Image via Toei Animation)

Yajirobe is a powerful swordsman who has made multiple appearances in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. At the beginning of the Z anime, Yajirobe was able to cut off Vegeta's tail using his katana, although he quickly ran away after. He was an incredibly funny character, and whenever he appeared on screen, fans knew they were in for a bout of laughter. It has been a long time since Yajirobe has had an important role in the series.

6) Icarus

Icarus during the events in the Z anime (Image via Toei Animation)

Icarus was one of Gohan's closest friends when he was a kid during Dragon Ball Z. The hearts of many fans were stolen when Icarus first appeared. His incredibly cute appearance and lovable nature made everyone love him when he and Gohan played together. However, when he departed into the forest sometime during Dragon Ball Z, he was never seen again.

7) Turtle


Turtle is one of the oldest characters and probably the oldest mortal in the series. He was born centuries prior to the beginning of the anime series and currently resides in Kame House with Master Roshi. Turtle also assisted and gave advice to Krillin and Goku while they trained under Roshi.

Although he was never a main character, his presence was always appreciated by fans. It would be amazing for Turtle to rejoin the series as an important side character.

8) Oolong

Oolong as he appears in the Super anime (Image via Toei Animation)

Oolong was once a protagonist in the Dragon Ball anime and manga, but as the story progressed, he became a less essential side character. Despite this, fans are always excited whenever he makes minor appearances such as in Dragon Ball Super. Many would prefer if Oolong were to become a major character again, but him as a side character is better than nothing.

9) Chiaotzu


Like his best friend Tien, Chiaotzu was also a student of Master Shen. He was an important side character during some of the original anime and much of Dragon Ball Z. However, he is rarely seen in Dragon Ball Super, and when he does appear, he does not get any major roles, especially in fights. The characters have gotten too strong for Chiaotzu to effectively provide support anymore.

10) Puar


While Yamcha was an antagonist in the original anime, Puar was his accomplice and is still his best friend. The two would get into all sorts of hijinks together as they tried to hinder Goku and his friends' journeys. As Puar and Yamcha became friends with Goku, however, fans came to love the shapeshifting cat. Giving Puar more screentime would grant the wishes of many fans.

Note: The article reflects the writer's own views.

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