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  • Black Clover chapter 360: Noelle continues to fight her mother as Yuno finally overpowers Lucius
Yuno as seen in Black Clover chapter 360 (Image via DeviantArt/Glavezz)

Black Clover chapter 360: Noelle continues to fight her mother as Yuno finally overpowers Lucius

With the release of Black Clover chapter 360, fans witnessed the fight between Yuno Grinberryall and Lucius Zogratis resume. The last time the two were seen fighting, Lucius was shown to have the upper hand. However, with this chapter, the situation seems to have changed.

The previous chapter saw Paladin Acier Silva having defeated her children. That's when Noelle arrived on the battlefield. She had formed a partnership with the Sea God Leviathan and was now able to assimilate it into her Valkyrie Armour. Thus, she prepared to fight her mother in her new form.


Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Black Clover manga.

Black Clover chapter 360: Lucius cannot see the future

Noelle and Acier fighting each other in Black Clover chapter 360 (Image via Shueisha)

Black Clover chapter 360, titled Unreadable World, picked up from the last chapter as Noelle was seen fighting against her mother. She used her improved Sea Dragon Roar to attack Acier. However, the paladin managed to pierce through the Sea Dragon Roar and taunted Noelle to attack her again.


Black Clover chapter 360 then focused on the fight between Yuno Grinberryall and Lucius Zogratis as their battle got prolonged for quite some time. As their duel raged on, Lucius noticed how Yuno, using his wind and star magic, was able to keep up with Lucius's prediction and speed.

Yuno attacking Lucius in Black Clover chapter 360 (Image via Shueisha)

Surpassing Lucius's speed, Yuno attacked him from his blind spot. However, Lucius caught Yuno's sword with his hand and flung him towards a nearby structure. He then proceeded to take control of his soul using his soul magic.

However, Yuno was able to block the spell by using his Wind Spirit Creation Magic: Spirit of Notus spell. The Spirit of Notus was a shield made of strong wind that rebuffed any incoming attacks and had the same effect on Lucius.

Wind Spirit creation Magic: SPIRIT OF NOTUS
Black Clover Ch.360

#ブラッククローバー #BCSpoilers #yuno #BC360

This startled Lucius because as per his foresight, the version of Yuno who lived in the Clover Kingdom wasn't supposed to get this strong. According to him, the world where Yuno was supposed to be the most powerful was the one in which the Spade Kingdom rebellion never happened.


In that world, Yuno would have gotten strong, but it would have taken him years to master star magic. In comparison, Yuno of the present world mastered star magic in a little over a year. Moreover, he might be stronger than any other of his versions.


The same can be said about the other magic knights as Noelle Silva was never supposed to become this strong. Mereoleona should have been instantly killed by Morris. As for Fuegeleon, he should have died way sooner. Thus, Lucius started to thinking about what was different in this world.

As Lucius kept pondering, he realized that Asta was the determining factor. Asta's presence had changed the future as Lucius could no longer foresee it. When Lucius was left shocked by this revelation, Yuno slashed him with his sword, landing a heavy attack.

Final thoughts on Black Clover chapter 360

Yuno attacking Lucius (Image via Shueisha)

Black Clover chapter 360 saw Lucius Zogratis realize how Asta's presence managed to influence the world. The magic knights had become far stronger than any of the visions he saw from his foresight. Thus, he was too startled to move, which is when Yuno attacked him using the Spirit of Zephyr. However, it is yet to be seen if Yuno's attack was effective or not.

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