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A detailed breakdown of Heavenly Delusion episode 11 (Image via Production I.G.)

Heavenly Delusion episode 11: Tokio gives birth, shocking identity of the Takahara Academy children revealed

Heavenly Delusion episode 11 has finally been released and it packed a ton of information for the fans. A lot of unknown variables are slowly coming to the surface and there are plenty of takeaways from this episode. The director of Takahara Academy showed her true colors in Heavenly Delusion episode 11, and there is no doubt that her nefarious tendencies will be shown in the upcoming episode.

Kiruko is incredibly close to finding Robin Inazaki as well. One major point that this episode confirmed is that multiple timelines are being showcased at the moment.


The events that transpired within the walls of Takahhara Academy are in the past, while Maru and Kiruko’s journey is taking place in the present.

Heavenly Delusion episode 11: Director of Takahara Academy attempts to break the shackles of mortality

The Director of Takahara Academy announcing her plan (Image via Production I.G)

The Director of the institution showed her true intentions during her interaction with Dr. Sawatari. She intends on using Aoshima, who was recently appointed as the Deputy Director of Takahara Academy.


Dr. Sawatari soon realized that the Director’s choice of increasing her clearance level within the facility was to use her. Furthermore, there was a shot of the “Super-Beam” which is now in Kiruko’s possession.

In this episode of Heavenly Delusion, it was then revealed that a surgical procedure to transfer the brain onto a new body was possible. With this, the Director intended on living forever. However, it was quite clear that Aoshima was unaware of the Director’s plan and she certainly hasn’t given her consent.

Maru and Kiruko attempt to find the Ibaraki branch of Takahara Academy

Robin Inazaki seen in the area where Kiruko and Maru plan on visiting (Image via Production I.G)

The Heavenly Delusion protagonist duo embarked on a journey to find more about Maru’s goal. They decided to camp at an abandoned house. What intrigued them was a massive smoke that was seen in the distance at night.


They wanted to be cautious, and therefore, decided to visit the place during the daytime. A shot of the facility showed a mysterious man walking around, and that person was none other than Robin Inazaki.

Tokio gives birth and Mimihime foresees an ominous being

Tokio gives birth successfully (Image via Production I.G)

In this episode of Heavenly Delusion, Tokio successfully managed to give birth. Kona is clearly the father in this case, and he even managed to “synchronize” with Tokio. What he meant by this is still unclear. Meanwhile, Mimihime told Kona about how she has the ability to see things that will happen in the future.

What looks like an event that will take place years in the future seems to occur moments after she envisions them. On the other hand, events that seem to take place moments after envisioning them, never seem to happen.

This was an indication that such events seem to take place far off in the future. It was scary because she saw Kona as a Hiruko.

Mimihime perceives Kona as a Hiruko (Image via Production I.G)

Children of Takahara are subjected to a test

Children are referred to as Hiruko in the latest episode of Heavenly Delusion (Image via Production I.G)

A rather vague announcement was made and the students assembled near the swimming pool. The good news was that Tokio was now allowed to attend classes with her classmates.

Students had no idea what to do when the PA system announced that a test was about to commence. Students were asked to reach “outside of outside” and it referred to the students as Hirukos.

Key takeaways from this episode of Heavenly Delusion

Firstly, it is quite clear that there are two different timelines that are being showcased. Secondly, the students were referred to as Hirukos. This means every single Hiruko that we have encountered was a student from the Takahara Academy.

This is also why Mimihime perceived Kona as a Hiruko, hinting that he would eventually turn into one at some point in the future.

Maru and Tokio's child have similar features (Image via Production I.G)

Secondly, Dr. Sawatari could be the “Doctor” that Kiruko is searching for. He had knowledge of a surgical procedure that allowed him to transplant a brain onto another body.

Another possibility is that Maru could be one of the children to be born to Kona and Tokio. While it wasn't revealed at first, Tokio and Kona gave birth to twins. The hair color matches and it was mentioned that Maru was born shortly before The Calamity.

The other identical twin that was born to Tokio and Kona (Image via Production I.G)

Another important takeaway is that Mikura could be Aoshima from Takahara Academy. While this is a long shot, she was the one who gave Kiruko the Super-Beam weapon and requested her to save Maru.

Mikura also instructed Kiruko to take Maru to “Heaven”. Additionally, the physical features also match, so it is highly possible that Mikura and Aoshima are the same person in Heavenly Delusion

Stay tuned for more Heavenly Delusion manga and anime news as 2023 progresses

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