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Japan's number eight Pro Hero is a washing machine (Image via Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia: 10 weirdest character designs

My Hero Academia is known for its diverse selection of character designs. Not a single person looks similar in the series.

My Hero Academia also has its fair share of outrageous character designs. Kohei Horikoshi has created hundreds of heroes and villains for the series, and some of them look very unusual.


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The strangest character designs in My Hero Academia


10) Minoru Mineta


Minoru Mineta doesn't look anything like his fellow classmates in My Hero Academia. Unlike traditional anime characters, he bears more of a resemblance to western cartoons.

Mineta has a very short build and large circular eyes. Due to his Pop Off Quirk, Mineta's hair also looks similar to freshly picked grapes.

9) Tatsuyuki Tokoname/Slidin' Go


Tatsuyuki Tokoname is a member of the Meta Liberation Army. While he maintains a heroic appearance to civilians, he is a villain in reality.


Slidin' Go has circular eyes, a round nose, and a large jaw. He would fit perfectly in a Seth MacFarlane cartoon, such as Family Guy or American Dad.

8) Habit Headgear


Habit Headgear first appeared right before the U.S.J. incident. His massive trapezius muscles make him easily recognizable. This minor villain even has a Quirk named Trap Flex. What makes him unusual, however, is his pink skin.

All Might swiftly took out Habit Headgear during a hostage situation via Missouri Smash. The villain didn't have a great showing, but neither would most characters against Japan's top hero.

7) Kojiro Bondo


This Class 1-B student doesn't look human in the slightest. Instead, he could easily be mistaken for a jumbo glue dispenser. The colossal titan has seven eye holes that he can use to spray adhesive substances.

Despite his monstrous appearance, Kojiro Bondo is a very friendly student who keeps to himself. He doesn't really do much, as seen during the Joint Training arc.

6) Tsunagu Hakamada/Best Jeanist


Best Jeanist is a top fighter in My Hero Academia, but his fashion sense is what stands out the most. He is completely covered in denim wear. He has a large denim collar over his extremely long neck. The collar also has a belt buckle.

Of course, Best Jeanist's clothing style is a deliberate choice because of his Quirk. Fiber Master allows him to manipulate clothing threads. It's a highly technical skill that requires several years of practice. However, All For One didn't bother stealing the Quirk during the Hideout Raid arc.

Best Jeanist may look silly, but he is a very serious fighter in My Hero Academia.

5) Shuichi Iguchi/Spinner


Spinner's reptilian skin is constrasted with purple hair. His ninja outfit also makes him look like one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Spinner wore the outfit to honor the Hero Killer Stain, a villain that he greatly admired. Sadly, his appearance made him a societal outcast. He suffered severe discrimination when he was younger.

4) Susugu Mitarai/Wash


Wash hardly gets screentime in My Hero Academia, but some fans love him for his strange hero costume. He takes on the mundane appearance of a washing machine. However, his Clean Bubbler Quirk is quite relevant to his character design. His face has never been fully visible, except for his large round eyes.

Wash can use soapy water to aid him in his endeavors. He has a habit of repeating his name over and over again.

3) Nomu


Kohei Horikoshi definitely loves to play up the horror aspect of My Hero Academia. He successfully achieved this with Nomus, which are human experiments conducted by Daruma Ujiko. These brainless monsters are nothing more than human corpses that hold multiple Quirks.

Nomus are identifiable by their exposed brains, muscular frame, and large eyes. They are the very definition of nightmarish creatures.

2) Manga Fukidashi


Manga Fukidashi is a very appropriate name for this Class 1-B student. His face is literally just a speech bubble that changes depending on his thoughts. It directly ties into his Comic abilities, which use onomatopoeia for various effects.

Despite lacking a normal face, Manga is still a very expressive person.

1) Salaam


Without a doubt, Egypt's top hero looks completely ridiculous. However, that's what makes him endearing to My Hero Academia fans.

Salaam is basically Egyptian art brought to life. The Papyrus Quirk gives him a two-dimensional appearance, so he ends up running like paper.

Salaam only showed up briefly in My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission. Several fans have to wonder how Salaam operates with daily activities.

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