My Hero Academia: 4 Class 1-B students who truly shined (and 4 who didn't)

There was quite a contrast in performances during the Joint Training arc (Image via Sportskeeda)
There was quite a contrast in performances during the Joint Training arc (Image via Sportskeeda)

My Hero Academia offered Class 1-B students a chance to prove themselves in the Joint Training arc.

Class 1-A and 1-B were pitted against each other in a series of five rounds, each lasting 20 minutes. Both teams had to capture members from the other team. The winner of each round was the team that had the highest number of remaining members.

My Hero Academia fans got to see what Class 1-B was truly capable of in this arc. While some of the students lived up to expectations, a select few were considerably disappointing.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views and contains spoilers for MHA's Joint Training arc.

Class 1-B students who did fantastic in My Hero Academia's Joint Training arc

4) Neito Monoma


Neito Monoma is widely disliked within the My Hero Academia community. However, he did win over a few fans with his performances against Izuku Midoriya and Ochaco Uraraka in the Joint Training arc. His intelligence was on full display in the final round of the training session.

The Copy Quirk is quite versatile in group fights since Monoma can steal multiple abilities at once. He even tricked Class 1-A into thinking there was a limit to the number of Quirks he could copy, thanks to his misleading hero costume.

Monoma even managed to copy One For All, which is among the strongest Quirks in My Hero Academia. However, he only copied the stockpiling aspect, making it rather useless. Nonetheless, despite his lack of combat abilities, Monoma still got close enough to Midoriya.

3) Itsuka Kendo


Itsuka Kendo is a very capable team leader in My Hero Academia. She always takes into account everybody's strengths and weaknesses.

For example, she told Shihai Kuroiro to use his Black Quirk against Fumikage Tokoyami and his Dark Shadow. Even if the opposing team countered it with Yuga Aoyama's light beams, those attacks would weaken Tokoyami just as much as Kuroiro.

It's very telling that Kendo's team ended up winning their round. They were the only Class 1-B team to do so.

2) Jurota Shishida


Jurota Shishida is a physical monster in My Hero Academia. His Beast Quirk makes him exceedingly dangerous and gives him a significant boost in speed and strength.

Jurota's durability reached insane levels in the Joint Training arc since Denki Kaminari could barely phase him with his powerful electric bolts. He also quickly took care of Koji Koda and Eijiro Kirishima.

The beast was considered the biggest threat in that entire round. Class 1-B teacher Vlad King even considered him to be a worthy team leader.

1) Juzo Honenuki


My Hero Academia delivered the hype with this recommended student. Despite going up against Shoto Todoroki, Juzo Honenuki didn't back down from the challenge. He is a perceptive fighter with a very keen intellect. For example, he quickly figured out that Shoto often uses ice attacks before he uses fire.

Juzo uses a powerful Quirk known as Softening. With great range, he can effectively trap his opponents in a semi-liquid state. He even melted ice attacks from Shoto himself. Best of all, Juzo can swim through a softened environment and make his escape.

Class 1-B students who did terribly in My Hero Academia's Joint Training arc

4) Hiryu Rin


Hiryu Rin is an excellent strategist who can formulate plans very quickly. However, he made a foolish decision to stay behind at the beginning of his team battle. Although Class 1-A lost two students, Class 1-B ended up losing one. Keep in mind that Class 1-A had an extra student in Shinso.

Despite his dragon scale providing great defense, Rin didn't accomplish much of anything. His own Quirk was even used against him.

Tsuyu Asui ended up throwing Rin into his partner Juruto, knocking them both out. As such, Rin was very detrimental to his entire team.

3) Togaru Kamakiri


Togaru Kamakiri was part of Setsuna Tokage's disastrous team effort during the fourth round. Most of the team members will find their place on this list. The only exception is Yosetsu Awase, who managed to briefly stop Katsuki Bakugo.

Kamakiri mainly relies on his aggressively sharp blades. He can even deflect a few explosions from Bakugo. Despite considering himself a rival, however, the insect hero went down rather quickly to an explosive cannon. He barely had any time to prove himself as a fighter.

My Hero Academia fans should keep in mind that Kamakiri's Quirk is extremely lethal. He would likely have to hold back against his attacks, or else he could severely injure or even kill his opponents.

2) Kojiro Bondo


Kojiro Bondo suffers from the same problems as the rest of his team. My Hero Academia doesn't focus on them very much. Their quick loss only hurts their standings among Class 1-B members.

Bondo's Cemedine Quirk can trap his opponents with a sticky adhesive. However, not a single member of Bakugo's team ends up getting stuck.

In fact, Bondo ended up losing to Rikido Sato, who is among the least impressive members of Class 1-A. Bondo's entire team went down in a span of five minutes.

1) Setsuna Tokage


Sadly, Setsuna Tokage is a massive letdown for the My Hero Academia community. She was hyped up as a recommended student, putting her on the same level as Juzo Honenuki. Unfortunately, she was nothing more than a mere showcase for Bakugo, who is among the best students in the series.

Tokage initially had a brilliant strategy to separate Bakugo and his teammates. However, she didn't think he could learn how to cooperate with other people.

Bakugo and the rest of his team made quick work of Tokage. It was the quickest round in the entire tournament, ending with a shameful 4-0 score.

Lizard Tail Splitter wasn't even that impressive for a Quirk. Although Tokage can split her body parts and levitate them, she has very low attack power. The regeneration process is also quite exhausting for her. This made Tokage a very minor nuisance for Bakugo.

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