7 most versatile quirks from Class 1-B in My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia's Class 1-B (Image via Bones)
My Hero Academia's Class 1-B (Image via Bones)

My Hero Academia primarily follows the adventures of protagonist Midoriya and his fellow UA 1-A classmates. However, the high school for aspiring pro heroes is home to multiple groups of students. Members of the other classes show up in various situations throughout the series.

In Season Five of My Hero Academia, Class 1-A and Class 1-B face off in multiple rounds of a team-training simulation. The students work together to make the most of their abilities known as Quirks and capture members of the opposing team. This arc is a great opportunity to see the practical application of the powers of students from both classes.

Don't count out class 1-B in My Hero Academia

Although they didn't make the cut to join class 1-A, the 1-B students of My Hero Academia boast impressive abilities.

1) Shihai Kuroiro - Black

Shihai Kuroiro's Quirk allows him to merge his body into anything dark in color, whether it is naturally dark or dark from external circumstances (shadows).

Additionally, he is capable of moving such black things when possessed. Thanks to this aspect of his power, he was able to merge into My Hero Academia student, Fumikage's Dark Shadow.

This Quirk is ideal for recon work, stealthy mobility, surprise attacks, quick retreats, and enemy distraction.

2) Reiko Yanagi - Poltergeist

Reiko's Quirk enables her to telekinetically control nearby objects. She can control up to the rough equivalent of a human being's weight. This power allows her to launch attacks remotely from a safe distance.

She can also use her Quirk to retrieve important items, transport fallen comrades, and quickly clear a fallen wreckage. She can be effective in offensive, defensive, and support roles.

3) Manga Fukidashi - Comic

Using his Quirk, Manga Fukidashi can make words materialize. The words must be onomatopoeia, which indicates the phenomenon that the sound suggests. Using the right wording, the onomatopoeia has the same effect as the sound it's based on. This makes Fukiashi a versatile My Hero Academia fighter, as he can create various effects just by spelling the right word.

This pro-hero hopeful is a great support option for any team. His materialized words are durable and can be huge. On top of the effects he can cause, this Quirk can also be used to block an enemy's path.

4) Ibara Shiozaki - Vines

Ibara Shiozaki's Quirk gives her hair-like vines that grow out of her head. She can lengthen and manipulate the vines, even if they have been detached from her head. The vines can be used to bind enemies, obtain objects, and create defensive barriers.

Ibara's long-range control makes her a serious problem for an enemy team. When working in tandem with a close-range fighter, she could easily trip up her opponent and lead them into an attack.

5) Neito Monoma - Copy

Neito Monoma (Image via Bones)
Neito Monoma (Image via Bones)

Upon making physical contact with another person, Neito Monoma is able to mimic and use that person's Quirk for ten minutes. At present, he is able to hold four Quirks at one time and can maintain any copied powers for ten minutes. By copying a Quirk, he gains complete access to it and can use it however he wants.

This well-rounded ability makes Neito arguably the most versatile student in class 1-B. Depending on the quirks he has at his disposal, he can play any role when on a mission. Considering that he is training to be a hero, he can have four Quirks possessed by Pro Heroes in his arsenal at once.

6) Jurota Shishida - Beast

Jurota Shishida has a Quirk that allows him to become a monstrous beast. He gains enhanced strength, speed, durability, hearing, and smell in this monster form. In his beast form, Jurota's strength is greatly enhanced, enabling him to deal devastating blows to opponents. His increased leg strength also makes him more mobile.

This My Hero Academia student has also proven himself to be quite swift and agile in his beast form. Furthermore, his huge form grants him notable durability and improved senses. This makes him a viable option to run point on an attack, suppress a powerful enemy, quickly traverse a battlefield, and sniff out enemies and traps.

7) Setsuna Tokage - Lizard Tail Splitter

Setsuna Tokage's Quirk allows her body to split into 50 pieces at once. She can remotely control each split piece freely. Her fragments levitate through the air at high speeds. Individually, the pieces of her split body are hard to hit because of their size and speed. Setsuna's individual parts themselves lack durability but are difficult to target because of their small size and quickness.

Lizard Tail Splitter can be useful for spying as well as long-range combat. Setsuna could potentially watch over two parts of the battlefield in My Hero Academia by detaching both of her eyes. If she positions her mouth near her allies while her detached eyes survey their surroundings, she can be the ultimate recon and communications unit on any team.


Some My Hero Academia Class 1-B students have abilities that far outshine those of their Class 1-A counterparts. These kids should not be dismissed just because they weren't considered to be the cream of the crop during the UA entrance exam.

My Hero Academia Season Five provides a great opportunity for class 1-B to showcase their skills and prove their value as heroes-in-training.

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