Why is Tokoyami's head shaped like a bird in My Hero Academia?

Possible reasons for Tokoyami's head being shaped like a bird (Image via Netflix)
Possible reasons for Tokoyami's head being shaped like a bird (Image via Netflix)

My Hero Academia is a popular shonen anime and manga series that is loved by fans across the world. The series got its mass acclaim due to a huge array of characters, each being unique in their own right. One such character is Tokoyami Fumikage who has a bird-like head.

In a world full of people with unique quirks, this isn’t altogether surprising or out of place. The article looks at a couple of fan theories that could serve as possible explanations as to why Tokoyami’s head is in the shape of a bird.

My Hero Academia: Possible reasons why Fumikage’s head is similar to that of a bird’s

Fumikage’s body below the neck is like an average human being. It is only his head that is shaped like a bird and fans are trying to assess possible reasons for this.

One of the most common reasons given by fans is that his head is the result of some genetic mutation caused due to his quirk. This genetic mutation could have occurred to one of his parents who passed it down to him.

Fans have also pointed out how other characters have weird features which have no impact on their abilities. This theory suggests that some of the characters look this way simply because the author designed them in that manner.

The reasons for these designs could be purely aesthetic, or could be done as an abstract representation of the quirk. This needs to be elaborated by the author and is the only source that can give its fanbase some clarity. Examples of such characters are Kirishima and his pointed teeth and Koda’s appearance, which is not exactly human-like.

Another set of My Hero Academia fans believe this feature could be a symbolic representation of his quirk. Dark Shadow, as the name suggests, is dark and has an aesthetic that is slightly ominous in nature. One such animal that could represent that is a Raven, which could be the reason why Horikoshi chose to give Fumikage a bird’s head.

It is important to understand that these are merely fan theories that could serve as possible explanations to this phenomenon. There is no confirmation regarding the aforementioned topic as My Hero Academia has not provided an exact explanation on the matter.

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