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A dream match-up: Vegeta vs Doctor Doom (Image via Sportskeeda)

5 Marvel villains Ultra Ego Vegeta can obliterate (& 5 who are too powerful for him)

Ultra Ego Vegeta gets a tenfold boost on his already considerable strength, and the longer a fight lasts, the harder he hits. The more Vegeta enjoys the battle, the more pain he endures and the more power he attains. Vegeta can already destroy planets, wipe out entire cities, and blow up mountains with a finger, which is just on top of that boost.

His core strength is his love of fighting and his ego's inflation, for the Ultra Ego moniker was named for that. It can also tap into the power of Destruction, a godly power that eradicates anything in its path.


It helped that he defeated Top, the next God of Destruction from Universe 11 in the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super, and went toe-to-toe with Granolah, who kept up with him and knocked out Goku.

That being said, there are a few Marvel villains he can absolutely wipe out and a few that can obliterate him in an instant!

Note: Due to the massive and often contradictory history of the Marvel universe, this list has abridged histories. All are the opinions of the author.


Five Marvel supervillains Ultra Ego Vegeta would destroy


1) Wilson Fisk, The Kingpin

Kingpin is a master tactician (Image by Marvel)

The Kingpin of Crime, Wilson Fisk, is not a slouch. He's been able to handle The Punisher, Daredevil, and Spider-Man. He demonstrates above-average strength, straining the superhuman limit, and is a master tactician. He also has New York's underground in his pocket.

The offer of money or power would potentially sway Vegeta for five minutes before they'd fight. Considering that Ultra Ego Vegeta crossed horns with Granolah and lived, the Kingpin would be an over-glorified crash test dummy. It's doubtful Vegeta would need Ultra Ego anyway.


2) Sabertooth

Sabertooth (Image by Marvel)

Victor Creed is more savage than Wolverine. He rends with Adamantium claws, schemes and plots, and generally tears through things. He tries going for the jugular right away and is sadistic enough to love the violence and the death he causes.


There's no doubt he'd try to ambush Vegeta if they ever crossed paths, picking a fight with him just because.

Now, the fun part. Sabertooth has a healing factor similar to Wolverines, so there'd be a challenge for Ultra Ego Vegeta. But that could probably be circumvented by blowing Sabertooth's head off, which Vegeta is more than capable of doing.

Sabertooth may have superhuman speed and strength, but he's no teleporter.

3) Master Mold and his Sentinel army


No doubt there are plenty of villains who would be concerned with a super-powerful warrior they can't contain. Sentinels would be one of them.

They are giant robots assembled to hunt and kill mutants; their master a self-aware Terminator-style SKYNET AI named Master Mold. No doubt they'd be dispatched to destroy Vegeta.

They'd fail. Hard. Consider how Vegeta can, again, destroy planets and has broken machines and giants before. They'd have no chance once he goes Ultra Ego.

4) Ronan the Accuser

Ronan The Accuser was a Guardians of the Galaxy villain (Image via Marvel Studios)

Ronan the Accuser, a vengeful agent of the Kree empire and servant of the Mad Titan, Thanos, has cut a swath through space. With his Cosmi-Rod and fleet of ships, he has upheld Thanos' will and done everything out of a deep-seated desire for vengeance. He would basically be Frieza, or what Vegeta would be if he kept serving Frieza.


He has above-average strength and containment ability, plus The Black Vortex on his side. Ronan's first idea was to send ships in.

In the MCU, Captain Marvel decimated a few of these ships after going full power. So, imagine for a second what Ultra Ego Vegeta could do to the ships? Never mind Ronan himself, just the ships. Now imagine what he'd do if Ronan got up close and personal.

5) Thanos, sans infinity glove

Thanos was the ultimate villain in the Avengers series (Image via Marvel Studios)

Thanos is one of the ultimate, if not the ultimate, Avengers-level threats aside from Ultron or Galactus. With the Infinity Glove, he wiped out the entire Marvel Universe except for himself.


He was still formidable without it, giving the Guardians of the Galaxy, among many others, a run for their money.

So, would Ultra Ego Vegeta be able to beat him? It would be difficult, but not impossible. Thanos has been killed, or at least at the heroes' mercy before. These were usually group efforts, and this would be without the glove.

Five Marvel supervillains who would ease past Ultra Ego Vegeta

1) Apocalypse

En Sabah Nur (Image via 20th Century Fox)

En Sabah Nur, God of Mutants. He's been around for centuries and has often gone head-to-head with titans like the Avengers, X-Men, and even decapitated Dracula!


He's a very heavy hitter who hasn't hesitated to unleash all the power at his disposal (psychic abilities included, flight, energy beams, etc.). He also has Celestial armor, and those things burst out of planets!

Imagine if Jiren had super armor. That would be Apocalypse. Though he's more a schemer, when he does fight on the front lines, he dominates the X-Men and Brotherhood and even the Hulk at his full strength.

Even with Ultra Ego, one false move would leave Vegeta as either one of the Nur's Horsemen (Apocalypse can actively brainwash people as he did to Wolverine) or dead.

2) Dormammu

The power of the Dark Dimension is at his command. Check out everything Dormammu can do in #MarvelCrisisProtocol with today's #PaneltoPlay! #MarvelComics

10:02 AM · Aug 3, 2021

An extradimensional demon lord with enough power to challenge and overwhelm the representation of the universe's Eternity and even possess planets like Ego, Dormammu has been a cosmic threat held back by Sorceror Supremes for centuries.

He has defeated the Avengers and Defenders and even has enough power to annihilate the Cosmos.


Nothing Vegeta has faced has ever come close to this cosmic horror monster. While Ultra Ego Vegeta would make a good show for Dormammu, he wouldn't be able to succeed alone. Then again, no one has single-handedly fended off Dormammu.

Unless one counts, "Dormammu, I've come to bargain."

3) Galactus

Galactus (Image via Marvel)

Planet Eater. Next.


Okay, to be serious? Galactus is practically a Celestial himself. He eats planets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It takes a lot of smarts and the combined efforts of the Fantastic Four and the Avengers, and damn near all the rest of the Marvel Universe, to even dent Galactus.

He has fought Odin, the ancient Sorcerer Supreme Agimotto, and affected entire galaxies while fighting Mephisto! He's a cosmic threat for a reason!

Even with Ultra Ego, it wouldn't matter. Ultra Ego Vegeta would need the combined powers of Ultra Instinct Goku, and at least Beerus, Whis, Granolah, and maybe another God of Destruction or two before they come close to making Galactus flinch. Alone, Vegeta's dead.

4) The Beyonder


Again, going into the god realm here. The image shows The Living Tribunal on the left, the Safeguarder of the Multiverse, the One Over All (supreme ruler of the Multiverse and supreme force for good on the right), and the Beyonder in the center.

Reality manipulation is his game. He created an entire universe in Secret Wars and gathered up a band of heroes and villains, even Galactus.

Ultra Ego Vegeta would be akin to a fun playmate. Or some kind of interesting experiment. Someone to be tested, maybe. The Beyonder deactivated Ultron when Ultron tried to kill him, so make of that what you will.

5) The Marquis of Death

Marquis of Death (Image via Marvel)

The Marquis of Death is a multi-versal cosmic horror that's wiped out entire multiverses. An alternate version of a normal boy named Clyde Wyncham Jr. became this horror after slaughtering villains that came to kill him.


The Marquis of Death has the power to alter reality as he sees fit. He's done so by wiping out the entire Multiverse and was only stopped by battling his prime self and then his apprentice, a magically altered Doctor Doom.

It's highly conceivable that he could either kill even Ultra Ego Vegeta outright or otherwise summon an alternate version of him to kill him. Either way, Vegeta won't last long at all.


So there it is, the Marvel Villains Ultra Ego Vegeta can and can't decimate. Ultra Ego seems to serve Vegeta well, but he's not a god. Give him time, though, and he'll get there.

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