Will Kingpin return in MCU? 'Hawkeye' finale Episode 6 breakdown

Kingpin in Hawkeye finale (Image via Disney+ / Marvel Studios)
Kingpin in Hawkeye finale (Image via Disney+ / Marvel Studios)

Marvel's Hawkeye finally released its finale episode, which ended with an exciting cliffhanger with Maya Lopez's upcoming show Echo. The latest episode also embarks upon the likely friendship between Kate Bishop and Yelena Belova in future MCU projects.

Hawkeye Episode 6 also hinted at Eleanor Bishop's darker turn in upcoming projects about Kate Bishop. Furthermore, the episode also indicates Jack 'Jacques' Duquesne taking up the mantle of Swordsman like in the comics.

Most importantly, as expected, the series finale made exciting revelations about Clint Barton's past in the MCU while also setting up the future with Kate Bishop. The Hawkeye finale episode ends with a hint that Kate will embrace Hawkeye's mantle while Clint potentially retires again.

Disclaimer: The following part of the article will include massive spoilers from

Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Easter eggs and theories that spawned from 'Hawkeye' finale

Hawkeye's connection with Spider-Man: No Way Home

Most viewers who watched the latest Spider-Man film would notice that NWH and Hawkeye share the same timeline. It also suggests that Hawkeye possibly precedes the ending of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

As showcased in a new promo by Marvel, Spider-Man swings past the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, where the Hawkeye finale occurs. However, in Hawkeye episode 6, Kate Bishop drops the entire tree to save Clint Barton.

Meanwhile, when Spider-Man swings past the tree in the clip, it is completely upright and damage-free. While it is possible that the Department of Damage Control could have fixed it around the end of NWH, it is implausible.


The owl in Hawkeye and Leland Owlsley in Daredevil (Image via Marvel Studios and Netflix)
The owl in Hawkeye and Leland Owlsley in Daredevil (Image via Marvel Studios and Netflix)

After Clint lands on the tree, he sees an owl. Later the owl also picks up the shrunken truck of the tracksuit mafia and flies off. This could be a reference to Leland Owlsley, who went by the moniker of The Owl in the comics.

Leland also featured heavily in Netflix's Daredevil series as a business partner of Wilson Fisk (aka Kingpin). The latter is featured as the primary antagonist in the episode. In Daredevil, Owlsley was killed by the Kingpin.

However, it could be possible that the Netflix/Marvel shows' universe is slightly different from the MCU, with a similar set of events. This could explain the same characters showing up in MCU despite never mentioning the blip or other events (barring the Chitauri invasion) in their solo series.

Kingpin's comic reference

Kingpin in Hawkeye and the comic (Image via Marvel)
Kingpin in Hawkeye and the comic (Image via Marvel)

In the episode, Vincent D'Onofrio's Wilson Fisk wears a Hawaiian shirt with a white blazer. This is a reference to 2013's Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business comic, where he wore the same shirt.

Agent 19/Mockingbird

Laura Barton was revealed to be Mockingbird (Image via Marvel)
Laura Barton was revealed to be Mockingbird (Image via Marvel)

In Episode 4, a mysterious Rolex watch was featured as one of the things stolen from the Avenger's compound by The Tracksuit mafia. Barton retrieves the watch at the end of the Hawkeye finale and the owner is revealed to be his wife, Laura.

The Rolex belonged to Agent 19 of S.H.I.E.L.D. Laura Barton. Hawkeye was married to Mockingbird in the comics, also known as Agent 19. This could also hint at Laura Barton's real identity as Dr. Barbara "Bobbi" Morse (aka the Mockingbird).

This revelation further hints at super-soldier serum recreation programs like Project Gladiator, which Morse was a part of in the comics. If this is explored in future MCU projects, the backstory of how Isaiah Bradley received the serum and Sharon Carter got Dr. Nagel to recreate it in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier could materialize.

Echo kills Kingpin - will Wilson Fisk survive?

Maya shoots Kingpin in the comics (Image via Marvel Comics)
Maya shoots Kingpin in the comics (Image via Marvel Comics)

Near the episode's climax, Kate Bishop injures Kingpin with an exploding arrow, which causes Maya Lopez to confront him later. A gunshot can be heard off-screen, which hints at Maya killing Wilson Fisk.

Marvel will kill off Kingpin after bringing him back for just a few episodes. It is improbable. It is plausible that the future of Wilson Fisk after being shot could be based on his fate in the Daredevil volume 2 #46 comic, where Maya shot him in the eye, blinding him. However, Fisk later regained vision after constructive surgery.


The Hawkeye series finale made several revelations about future MCU projects that could pan out. The upcoming MCU/ Disney+ series Echo, which will be a spinoff to Hawkeye, is also expected to clarify many speculations made in this series.

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