Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero - Everything revealed during Jump Festa 22

Gohan (Image via Wallpaper Cave)
Gohan (Image via Wallpaper Cave)

The Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes panel has finally revealed many things fans have been waiting for during their Jump Festa 22 event. From the release date, trailer, and somewhat of the main plot, they answered a lot of burning questions of the global fandom, and the fans can't keep calm anymore.

The most interesting aspect is that it features Goku's son Gohan fighting after a long time. This adds a lot more excitement for Gohan's fans. Here, take a look at everything revealed during the Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes panel at Jump Festa 2022.

Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes reveals at Jump Festa 22 event

Gohan is fighting again after so long?

Get ready to eat Gohan fans!!! Your boy is looking like a beast 💯#DragonBallSuperSuperHero

So possibly the most exciting aspect of this Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes trailer is that it finally revealed to the fans what they could expect from the movie. That is, of course, Gohan fighting against the Red Ribbon Army.

Although he has been focusing on his studies lately, things get really serious when enemy lines come into view. He looks dashing and ready to throw his hands with his glasses and Piccolo's cape.

After such a long time, this look is causing the fans to lose it all over the place. The only concern here is to wait and see how Pan comes into the play.

What are Gamma 1 and Gamma 2?


Although speculation has been there in the fandom for a long time, it has finally been confirmed during the Dragon Ball Super panel that Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 are, in fact, androids or artificial humans.

Voice of Androids Gamma 1 and Gamma 2Gamma 1: Hiroshi KamiyaGamma 2: Mamoru Miyano (Death Note's Light)

They are members of the Red Ribbon Army, and Gohan, of course, will be fighting them. Another exciting thing revealed was the name of their voice actors, and they are:

Gamma 1: Hiroshi Kamiya

Gamma 2: Mamoru Miyano (He also voiced Light Yagami from Death Note)

New arcs in Dragon Ball Super?

Victory Uchida said that Granolah arc is reaching its climax, and a new arc will start in 2022.(probably by April-May, I think)#DragonBallSuper

It was also revealed that the Granolah the Survivor arc is also ending very soon, and Gas seems to be the main villain of said arc. There was also talk of a new arc starting next year, which fans think could be in April or May.

Although there are some reservations about the CGI of the movie Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes, as well as the title itself, which even the creator Toriyama seemed to have commented on, fans are highly excited about getting to watch Gohan fight again, as well as the new arcs.

Translations of the Toriyama’s full comment on Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero from Jump Festa#DragonBallSuperSuperHero…

Now, will the results meet the fans' expectations? That is something the fandom will have to wait for until the release of Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes on April 22, 2022, in Japan.

Fans must keep themselves updated with more news and features about the Jump Festa 2022 event. You can watch the event from the Jump Festa IOS and Android apps, the official YouTube channel of Shonen Jump, or even the official website of Jump Festa 2022, Jump Festa Navi.

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