The powers of the arcane are at the command of the Wizard in Diablo Immortal, but how should players build them? (Image via Activision Blizzard)

Diablo Immortal class guide: How to build the best Wizard

Diablo Immortal brought back another fan-favorite class in the form of the Wizard. This class has unspeakable amounts of power, channeling the arcane and throwing it around in bursts. Wizards may not have much in the way of physical defense, but they can send the forces of Hell back to where they belong through the power of magic.


Why pick Wizard in Diablo Immortal?

Wizards in Diablo Immortal deal incredible amounts of damage through their elemental and arcane magic spells. Though they are soft and squishy, they have the power to annihilate foes before they get anywhere near the spellcaster. Wizards are also one of the classes to put a non-attack ability in their primary rotation, just to keep themselves safe.


The more a player levels up a Wizard, the more they will start seeing some truly phenomenal cosmic power, and will begin to understand why people love playing it. There is something inherently satisfying about pulling a meteor down from the sky and squishing skeletons under it.


Ideal skills for playing a Wizard in Diablo Immortal

One of the most satisfying parts about playing a Wizard in Diablo Immortal is the sheer amount of power they have access to. Things start off simple enough with Magic Missle and Scorch as useful spells. By level 18, players will have teleport, a decent attack, and the Scorch/Arcane Wind combo.

Arcane Wind deals damage and knocks enemies away, and deals 50% more damage to burning enemies. This, combined with Scorch, lobs a fiery ball that also creates a burning trail that deals DOT (damage over time) damage across 6 seconds.


Wizards can use the following skills:

  • Magic Missle
  • Scorch (swap for Meteor)
  • Arcane Wind
  • Lightning Nova (swap for Black Hole)
  • Teleport

After this, things get really intense. At levels 38 and 41, the big spells come out: Black Hole and Meteor. Black Hole creates, well, a Black Hole for three seconds. All nearby enemies get pulled in and are dealt damage for the duration, which is then paired with Meteor. It summons a meteor that falls upon the field, scorching the ground and dealing a burning DOT.

Stats and Gems that Wizards should consider


Wizards and Necromancers are going to want something other than Strength, but that should not be a surprise. While they still need to have Damage as the most ideal stat on their weapons, that makes sense. As a DPS class, they want to hit as hard as humanly possible. Intelligence is the primary damage stat for spellcasters, and Fortitude also allows for a bit of defense on a frail character.

The weapon stats for Wizards are as follows:

  • Damage
  • Intelligence
  • Fortitude

This will remain the same for their armor, where Diablo Immortal Wizards will want to stack Intelligence and then Fortitude, allowing for more damage and a bit more durability.

The armor stats for Wizards are as follows:

  • Intelligence
  • Fortitude

Topaz for Resistance is the most important gem for Wizards as well. Armor Penetration comes from Sapphires, and if there is room left in a build, a few Tourmalines for Damage could not hurt. Wizards are pretty physically weak classes, so having more resistance, in general, is a boon.


So far, the best Legendary Gems seem to remain Everlasting Torment, Lightning Core, and Fervant Fang for Wizards. Virtually every class gets something out of Everlasting Torment.


Lightning Core is an RNG-style gem though, and may not be for everyone. It is okay, but it is a little on the unreliable side. For players that lack single-target damage, consider Fervant Fang to give that just a bit of a boost.

Paragon Page options for Wizards


The start for Paragon for Wizards is the same as essentially every other class in the game. Starting with Vanquisher and putting points into Damage and Zeal is so important for getting as much damage as possible. Just one point in Zeal will do, though.

Like other squishy classes, it cannot hurt to put some points in Survivor as well, to make sure players endure a little more damage. When it comes to the early points, though, Vanquisher is the way to go.

Diablo Immortal’s Wizard is such a great class to play, throwing around formidable forces of nature and conjuring them to smash and maim the armies of Hell.

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