A new TOTY icon is set to appear as an SBC (Images via EA Sports, Twitter/FUT Sheriff)

FIFA 23 leak hints at Xabi Alonso TOTY icon coming to Ultimate Team

The introduction of TOTY icons in FIFA 23 has been successful, and Xabi Alonso's upcoming SBC could make it even better for the game's community. This is based on the latest rumors from reliable leaker FUT Sheriff, who tweeted the information last night. If it turns out to be accurate, the Spanish legend will become the second card to be introduced via an SBC.

Icons are unique cards for former footballers who retired from the game as legends thanks to their priceless contributions. EA Sports introduces several such cards so players can play with them in their Ultimate Team squads. This year's title has seen the emergence of two unique versions, with the TOTY icons being one of them.


Two sets of these special cards have already been added as packs, and thus players must rely on them to get the footballers. The latest rumor hints that FIFA 23 players will now have an adequate alternative in finding one in the form of Xabi Alonso's upcoming TOTY icon SBC.

The Xabi Alonso TOTY icon SBC could be introduced in FIFA 23 as early as tonight

January 27 is expected to be a special night for the ongoing promo, as the TOTY Honorable Mentions cards are expected to be dropped. While the ongoing promo is interesting, the release of player-item SBCs is limited. While there has been new content, the frequency of these special challenges has been less compared to earlier situations.

Xabi Alonso is added to come as TOTY ICON SBC

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That could change tonight if the Xabi Alonso TOTY icon SBC goes live later tonight in FIFA 23. It will be great news for two main reasons - players will get to complete an exciting challenge and unlock a card, while it will feature one of the most remarkable icon offerings introduced in the promo.

Naturally, exciting times await the community over the next week, as they will have plenty of scope to improve their respective Ultimate Team squads. Only a little information is known at this point regarding what kind of tasks will be associated with the rumored SBC.

When the Hugo Sanchez TOTY icon SBC was released in Ultimate Team, it came with six tasks for completion. Xabi Alonso's upcoming challenge could be something similar, and it certainly won't be a cheap addition. While FIFA 23 players can use fodder from their collection to reduce costs, the SBC is expected to be expensive.

Those on tighter budgets can look to complete the different objectives that are currently live in the game. Some feature excellent rewards, including the TOTY items of superstars like Ilkay Gundogan and Emiliano Martinez. Both can be great additions to a player's FIFA 23 Ultimate Team squad at minimal cost.

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