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The latest TOTS Challenge is now live in FIFA 23 (Image via EA Sports)

FIFA 23 TOTS Challenge 8 SBC (XP): How to complete, expected costs, and more

With Serie A TOTS in full swing in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, EA Sports has released the latest TOTS Challenge SBC to allow gamers to unlock more exciting rewards. Like its predecessors, this SBC offers a dual purpose, providing fans with an enticing pack and Seasonal XP boosts. These TOTS Challenges have been mainstays during the Team of the Season event in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Not only does it provide an outlet for players to use low-tier assets from their clubs, but it also helps them unlock special rewards and progress along the tiers of TOTS Season Swaps.


TOTS Challenge 8 is the latest XP-based SBC released in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Serie A Team of the Season is off to a flying start in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. The roster contains a wide gallery of prominent names and overpowered special items, and EA Sports has consistently added fresh and engaging SBCs for gamers to enjoy. The TOTS Challenge 8 SBC is the latest example of a worthwhile FUT venture offering extremely appealing rewards.


The viability of this SBC is boosted by the fact that it provides fans with some valuable Seasonal XP, allowing them to progress in TOTS Season Swaps and unlock better rewards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.


How to complete the TOTS Challenge 8 (XP) SBC?

Like the previous seven SBCs, TOTS Challenge 8 also consists of a single squad. Gamers must adhere to the following stipulations in its requirements:

  • Nationalities: Minimum two in your starting eleven
  • Players from the same league: Maximum four in your starting eleven
  • Rare players: Minimum five in your starting eleven
  • Team overall rating: Minimum 65
  • Team chemistry: Minimum 25

The overall expected cost of the SBC is around 2,500 FUT coins. It will be available in Ultimate Team for five days and offers a Draft Token Pack in return. FUT Drafts usually cost around 15,000 coins to enter, making this SBC an absolute bargain.


Not only will gamers be able to try out a plethora of new cards in online or offline FUT Draft, but they will also be able to work towards completing the TOTS Draft Drive objective in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, which has incredible rewards of its own. This makes the TOTS Challenge 8 SBC one of the most worthwhile challenges released during Team of the Season.

The availability of Seasonal XP and the opportunity to participate in FUT Draft to try and unlock a variety of packs and TOTS Alessio Romagnoli makes this SBC worth completing.

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