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Genshin Impact: All 6 Dendroculus locations in Wadi Al-Majuj (Desert of Hadramaveth)

Genshin Impact players can find six locations with a Dendroculus in or near Wadi Al-Majuj, Desert of Hadramaveth. This guide will include images of all Dendroculi and their map placements from the official interactive Teyvat map.

It is worth mentioning that going near a Dendroculus will mark it on your minimap as a white four-pointed star. Thus, Travelers who have a general idea of where to look should have no issue locating them all.

Note: The Tanit Camps location is included here because it's isolated from other regions and would be too niche to cover by itself in a different guide.

Where to find all six Dendroculus locations in Genshin Impact's Wadi Al-Majuj

Location #1

This one is northeast of the Tanit Camps on a dead tree (Image via HoYoverse)

The first Dendroculus is pretty easy to spot since it's just a short distance northeast of the Statue of the Seven near the Tanit Camps. It's located on top of a withered tree, and it's pretty hard to miss when you know where to look.

Location #2

I already got it, but it would be in this spot (Image via HoYoverse)

The rest of the Dendroculus locations for this Genshin Impact guide will actually be near Wadi Al-Majuj. The one shown above is a bit too high for you to jump, so you will need to use certain Elemental Skills to reach it. Kazuha's 'E' is an easy choice, but any ability that creates a Geo Construct that you can climb will suffice here.


Genshin Impact players shouldn't have much trouble locating this one since it's out in the open, and there isn't much in the way of obscuring one's vision of it.

Location #3

This one is on another tree branch (Image via HoYoverse)

This Wadi Al-Majuj location is just west of the last spot highlighted in the previous section. The main difference here is that the Dendroculus is much lower in elevation by comparison. It's on top of yet another tree branch, and the white four-pointed star on the minimap should help Genshin Impact players find it.


No particular Elemental Skill is needed to get it.

Location #4

Another one with no requirements to reach (Image via HoYoverse)

This location is just a little north of the western Wadi Al-Majuj Teleport Waypoint. Drop down from the cliff into the area shown above to see the item you're looking for on a pillar. There are some Treasure Hoarders nearby, so make sure not to get knocked off accidentally.

Location #5

You can't reach this if you haven't done Apocalypse Lost (Image via HoYoverse)

Note: This particular spot requires you to complete the Apocalypse Lost quest. That means you must have completed Golden Slumber, The Dirge of Bilqis, and The Fallen Falcon quest series beforehand.

The final two Dendroculus locations in Wadi Al-Majuj are underground. There is a cave near the last entry in this guide. Enter it and make your way north through the cavern. You will eventually encounter a fork in the road, so take the eastern path.


Use the nearby four-leafed sigil and walk on the invisible blue ground until you get to the spot shown in the above picture. Remember that a Bow user's Aim Mode prevents Genshin Impact players from falling off.

Location #6

The final area (Image via HoYoverse)

Genshin Impact players can head south from the previous spot to easily see the final Wadi Al-Majuj Dendroculus near a giant statue. Simply climb to the top of the pillar next to the armor to reach it without much hassle.

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