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How to build the best Ayaka Freeze team in Genshin Impact

With Kamisato Ayaka returning to the Genshin Impact 3.5 banners for her second rerun, newer players now have a great opportunity to summon one of the best Cryo Sword DPS characters in the game. Considering that Ayaka excels at Freeze compositions, this is her go-to team in most situations due to her unrivaled crowd control, grouping, and the massive CRIT Rate boost that's provided by the 4-Piece Blizzard Strayer.

Players who have managed to obtain Ayaka from her rate-up banner must be aware of her best Freeze team compositions to dish out the maximum amount of damage. In this article, fans will learn all about Ayaka's Freeze compositions and the characters to use while building the best team for her in Genshin Impact.


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Genshin Impact: A guide to building Kamisato Ayaka's best Freeze team

As such, it's important to clarify that there is no correct answer to the question, "What is Kamisato Ayaka's strongest freeze team?" What works perfectly in one situation against a particular set of enemies can become ineffective with even the slightest change in circumstances.


In Genshin Impact, Ayaka's best Freeze team includes a Cryo main DPS, a Cryo sub-DPS/support, a Hydro character, and an Anemo unit. Here are the best characters to form a powerful team with her.


Shenhe and Diona (Image via HoYoverse)

Ayaka will almost always require additional Cryo characters to act as a battery or provide various useful buffs:

  • Shenhe: Being a good Cryo support for Ayaka, Shehe can provide more buffs while generating a decent amount of Energy as well. Shenhe's Icy Quills damage scales extremely well with Ayaka due to her high DMG% and her natural ability to deal Cryo damage quickly. In general, she has great chemistry with her teammates.
  • Diona: As one of Ayaka's most popular teammates, Diona can provide great battery utility with a Sacrificial Bow, as well as a strong shield and healing for party members


Kazuha and Venti (Image via HoYoverse)

Anemo units in Genshin Impact generally offer grouping abilities and strong debuffs with the Viridescent Venerer Artifact Set.

  • Kazuha: He's one of the most consistent crowd control characters in Genshin Impact thanks to his Elemental Skill. Furthermore, he has a special synergy with Mono Cryo compositions, increasing the entire party's Cryo DMG% and greatly increasing Shenhe's Icy Quill damage. He can cause Quill damage to himself with his Plunge and Burst's Elemental Absorption.
  • Venti: All of Ayaka's abilities can reach inside Venti's Elemental Burst, and his Energy refund is generally quite helpful. He boasts a strong natural synergy with Ayaka's popular teammates, especially in Freeze teams. His Burst elemental absorption can also proc Shenhe's Quill's damage.


Kokomi and Mona (Image via HoYoverse)

Hydro units primarily provide Hydro applications to enable Freeze, with the uptime and AoE of Hydro abilities being of great importance. Here are some of the best Hydro members for Ayaka's strongest Freeze team in Genshin Impact:

  • Kokomi: Being one of the ideal Freeze enablers with consistent Hydro application and healing, Kokomi can be equipped with Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers (TTDS) and Tenacity of the Milelith to greatly buff Ayaka's damage. This is quite easy to build as well.
  • Mona: As a top-tier buffer for Freeze teams, Mona can debuff enemies with her Elemental Burst alongside consistent Hydro applications. Furthermore, her Omen debuff lasts longer when enemies are frozen.

With the help of this information, Genshin Impact players can build the best Freeze teams for Ayaka based on their individual requirements.

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