Evanesco can be unlocked by completing Room of Requirement quest in Hogwarts Legacy (Image via WB Games)

How to unlock Evanesco in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy comprises a slew of gameplay mechanics like brewing potions, unlocking spells, equipping clothing items, and more. Amidst all the activities, if you wish to just take a step back and stock up on supplies, the Room of Requirement is the perfect place to do so. However, to gain access to it, you will first need to unlock the Evanesco spell.

Professor Matilda Weasley will help in unlocking the Evanesco spell in Hogwarts Legacy. This happens as part of the main quest, so players won’t miss out on unlocking it. All they have to do is initiate a main mission called Room of Requirement. It is a personal space to brew potions, grow plants, and tame magical creatures. Here is how players can unlock Evanesco in Hogwarts Legacy easily.


Acquiring Evanesco spell in Hogwarts Legacy

You must play the main quest, i.e., Room of Requirement to unlock Evanesco in Hogwarts Legacy. The objective is to meet Professor Matilda Weasley in the corridor located in the Astronomy Tower. It is hard to miss since the mini-map guides you to this spot. A cutscene is triggered when you arrive at the location. The protagonist looks around the walls, and suddenly, a secret door appears.

Hogwarts is in excellent hands with Professor Weasley as Deputy Headmistress. #HogwartsLegacy

Matilda Weasley arrives at this juncture and acknowledges this discovery. The protagonist follows her inside the secret room. She reveals the reasoning behind the door's sudden appearance. Apparently, the Room of Requirement shows itself only to individuals who are in dire need of it.

You must follow her deeper into the room. The mystique of this area is awe-inspiring, so feel free to look around and soak in the experience. Upon progressing further, you will find a pile of chairs blocking your path. Professor Matilda chimes in and concludes that this is the perfect opportunity to teach you a new spell.

Press the highlighted buttons to learn Evanesco (Image via WB Games)

The spell is Evanesco. She reveals that you can use it to vanish undesired objects in the room. This transitions into the wand movement mini-game. Press the correct sequence of highlighted buttons before the red light catches up with the blue light. After completing it, you get to cast the spell.

Using it on a pile of chairs makes them disappear into thin air. You will encounter these blockades a couple more times throughout this mission before coming across Deek, the house elf who will be assisting you in setting up the Room of Requirement. Once you complete the quest, you will also unlock the Conjuring spell, and ultimately get access to the Room of Requirement.

Time for a change around in the Room of Requirement! 🪄

You’ll be able to make it your own in #HogwartsLegacy tomorrow!

You can set up many structures like Potting tables, Potion stations, and others in this personal space. Evanesco can be used to destroy unwanted utility structures in the room. Doing so yields Moonstones. They can be used to conjure the aforementioned structures in the room.

Brewing potions require a Potion station to be crafted. You can have one in the Room of Requirement and interact with it whenever you are in need of any potion. These liquids require gathering a set of ingredients to be created.

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The title features a slew of magical beasts that can be tamed. They can be tended to in the Vivarium section of the Room of Requirement. You can immerse yourself for hours by personalizing this space to your heart’s content.


The world of Hogwarts Legacy is ripe for exploration. Players can partake in myriad side quests and level up their characters. Hogwarts Legacy has a talent system that allows them to upgrade their Core, Spells, Dark Arts, Stealth, and Room of Requirement skills.

Hogwarts Legacy has received positive reviews and has been a precursor for players to be ecstatic. Avalanche Software had a mammoth task to deliver on the expectations of Potterheads and RPG aficionados alike. The title is shaping up to tick all the boxes and has managed to impress with its presentation and robust mechanics.

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